Simplified deployment and management
  • Highly scalable and easy to deploy - Enables large-scale deployment through live, operational rapid deployment capabilities, while helping reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Seamless integration - Administrators manage all users and devices, including BitLocker® users, through a centralized Dell Data Protection | Encryption
  • users can access information on encrypted systems whenever needed, with minimal work from IT and helpdesk teams, without storing them in Active Directory®.
  • Policy enforcement - Define and enforce policies from a single, centralized console. Take advantage of group policies to manage BitLocker without altering Active Directory. The management console provides all the flexibility and control you need for your enterprise.
  •  Automated TPM management - Enabling BitLocker TPM capabilities can require significant setup activities. BitLocker Manager automates TPM initialization and stores the TPM password for recovery, helping reduce work and the risk that systems are left unprotected.