Cloud data storage is undeniably convenient, allowing your teams to collaborate with ease and work whenever they want, from whatever devices they choose. But that convenience has a trade-off — data security. The moment a user posts data into a public cloud storage service, your organization permanently loses control of it; that data can then be shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Gain control of data security in the public cloud with Dell Data Protection | Cloud Edition. This solution protects your data in-flight between public clouds with a transparent encryption and decryption process that does not disrupt your users. When backed with DDP | Mobile Edition, data is secured even when accessed via a smartphone or tablet. DDP | Cloud Edition is fully integrated with DDP | Enterprise Edition, protecting data across all endpoints from company computers to removable media to mobile devices to cloud. DDP | Cloud Edition offers comprehensive protection, simplified management, enhanced user productivity and efficient compliance — putting your IT team in control of your data, wherever it goes.