Storage Spaces is a new storage virtualization capability introduced in Windows Server® 2012 that uses SAS HBAs and JBODs to provide highly available storage for hosted and virtualized deployments. Storage Spaces is based on a disk pooling model. Storage pools can be created flexibly, using affordable hardware, depending on the needs of the deployment. A storage space is carved out of an existing disk pool and presented as a virtual disk in Windows. A storage space integrates well with the rest of the features available in Windows, helping Storage Spaces provide a cost-effective platform with feature sets designed for a variety of scenarios, including just-in-time provisioning; fault-resiliency through mirroring and parity; better data integrity through intelligent error correction; multi-tenancy support for hosted deployments; and, availability and scale-out through integration with Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV) available in the Failover Clustering feature. The figure below shows the logical view of Storage Spaces.