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Efficiency. Responsiveness. Dependability. These are the hallmarks of public safety — and the ideals reflected in our IT solutions. Learn how IT organizations from all over the world, after partnering with Dell, transformed themselves by adopting an individualized, focused IT strategy.
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Through virtualization, agencies successfully simplified operations, reduced costs, allocated resources and improved productivity.

Borough of Hillingdon (London):

  • Problem: Nearly 100 percent year-on-year data growth taxed both legacy system and IT staff
  • Solution: Dell Compellent Storage Center storage arrays resulted in 80 percent reduction in power consumption; cost of storage cut by about 70 percent

Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (Germany):

  • Problem: Relocation of an energy-draining data center
  • Solution: Dell services, Dell PowerEdge rack server and Dell SAN Storage systems lead to 90 percent less energy consumption; easy scalability for future demands

University of Colorado Housing & Services Group (600 staffers and 1,200 student employees):

  • Problem: System security and service delivery hindered by cost and energy inefficiency
  • Solution: Dell Wyse thin clients and virtualization saved 50 percent on end-point devices and reduced system maintenance needs by 20 percent

Babylon School District (New York) (2,000 students, annual IT budget of $100K):

  • Problem: Inadequate support for graphics-intensive apps and growing software deployment needs
  • Solution: Centralized thin computing environment with VMware® and Dell Wyse thin clients achieved high-performance multimedia support and significant hardware and energy cost savings

Morgan County (Georgia) Schools (2-person IT staff supporting 3,300 students):

  • Problem: Cumbersome PC management required 75 percent of staff time
  • Solution: Dell desktop virtualization led to a 65 percent improvement in uptime and a one day response time to service calls

Sullivan University (Kentucky) System (8,500 students):

  • Problem: Costly infrastructure strained both IT resource availability and energy budget
  • Solution: Virtualization with Dell Wyse Xenith products resulted in significantly lower downtime, maintenance costs and electricity consumption

Seattle Children’s Hospital (4,760 employees):
  • Problem: High IT costs; complex, energy-inefficient infrastructure
  • Solution: Dell virtual desktop infrastructure led to threefold increase in desktop performance and an annual $300,000 energy cost savings

Hudson County (New Jersey) (3,500 employees):
  • Problem: This densely populated county needed better operating efficiency and fast, reliable cloud resources in the event of a disaster
  • Solution: Dell vStart delivered fivefold faster responses and 33 percent less administrative time

Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas) (8,000 students, 10,000 employees):
  • Problem: Legacy SAN lacked thin provisioning and efficiency
  • Solution: Two Dell Compellent Storage Center arrays provided a 20-fold faster storage provisioning reduced RTO by 75 percent

Bay District Schools (Florida) (3,426 employees; 26,000 students):

  • Problem: Lack of storage capacity and outdated data recovery
  • Solution: Migrated from legacy systems to Dell Compellent Storage Center doubled storage capacity, with five times faster server recovery and zero storage downtime.

Maricopa County Recorder’s Office (Arizona) (47 employees):
  • Problem: The need for data migration required more storage space
  • Solution: Dell Compellent Storage and Dell PowerEdge servers saved $135,000 through thin provisioning, and required 30% less storage management.

Indianapolis Public Schools (Indiana) (4,800 employees, 30,000 students):
  • Problem: Problem: Outdated storage system could not support VDI
  • Solution: Solution: Dell Compellent Storage with solid state drives led to a four-fold reduction in hardware costs, saving $2 million every refresh cycle..
Dell Services and Systems Management
Dell supported agency IT road maps by guiding strategy and deployment, and through IT consultancy and managed services.

Mary Institute and St. Louis County Day School (Missouri) (10 IT technicians supporting 169 staffers and 1,233 students):

  • Problem: Every year, student-assigned laptops required labor-intensive reimaging
  • Solution: Dell systems management solution, including KACE™ appliances, resulted in reimaging completed in weeks instead of months and a 56 percent reduction in service desk calls

Bucknell (Pennsylvania) University (1,200 faculty members, 3,500 students):

  • Problem: Outdated paper-based purchasing process
  • Solution: Dell Services and PremierConnect cut procurement lead times to two weeks, saving time and money for department


Through IT consolidation, agencies managed growing data demands, simplified operations, improved productivity and achieved cost-effective scalability.

City of Las Vegas (serving 3,500 employees):
  • Problem: Running too many servers in an inefficient, 30-year-old data center.
  • Solution: Legacy servers replaced with Dell Compellent Storage and Dell PowerEdge servers led to 50% lower TCO over 5-7 years and cut storage costs in half.
Deployment and Upgrades
By taking the offensive, organizations made better use of IT resources and reduced logistic costs through successful upgrades or deployments. 

Loveland (Colo.) Public Library (75,000 technology center users annually):
  • Problem: Library lacked adequate number of PCs available for public use; high IT costs
  • Solution: Dell Wyse™ cloud PCs and virtualization allowed library to go from 37 to 140 PCs without increasing IT staff or overall costs

Glenbrook High School District 225 (Chicago) (850 employees, 1,800 students):
  • Problem: Outdated storage and network systems threatened disaster recovery
  • Solution: Comprehensive Dell solution including network switches, blade servers and storage arrays allowed computing network capacity to keep pace.

Pendleton County School District (Kentucky) (360 employees, 2,600 students):

  • Problem: Outdated desktop computers could not keep up with new applications, and budgets were tight.
  • Solution: 288 Dell desktops were installed to run graphics-intensive programs in school labs, using Dell financing solutions.