2013 Issue 1

  1. Second wave of big data From services to solutions

    Think of 2013 as a year of transition, as IT decision makers consider the trade-offs of moving from services-led engagements toward appliances and preconfigured hardware that are designed to simplify the implementation of big data solutions.

  2. Supporting cloud-based video access with scalable storage

    Firm eyes a local storage unit with space for growth and anywhere, anytime access to security videos.

  3. All about the apps

    The technology-focused business models incubated, launched and driven by today’s entrepreneurs are matched by an equally varied array of innovative apps that have been developed as the lifeblood of their respective companies.

  4. Catalyst Magazine Issue 1 2013

    This issue of Catalyst magazine features customer stories focused on innovative client solutions. In addition, we explore the latest analyst perspective on big data, virtual desktops and cloud clients and mobile device management.

  5. Accelerating virtual desktop performance with compact cloud clients

    Dell Wyse D class cloud clients deliver high performance in a compact form factor for a rich desktop user experience.

  6. Laying the foundation for learning

    QA plans to deploy a training platform supporting touch-screen technology to empower users and enhance management.

  7. Powering a world of possibilities

    This issue's Recent citings column discusses Dell's Powering the Possible initiative, the new and improved Dell TechCenter, and industry accolades for recently released Dell client computers.

  8. Extending always-connected capabilities with mobile device management

    Consumerization of workplace devices can heighten worker productivity, but it also raises the stakes for application and data security. Dell KACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliances offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to manage mobile devices.

  9. Boosting project productivity with a technology refresh

    Sparky Animation draws on cutting-edge workstations and servers to speed the rendering process.