2012 Issue 3

  1. Virtualization planning and assessment: The pain is worth the gain

    Planning is one of the most difficult parts of any project, including a transformation from physical to virtual infrastructure. Fortunately, there are best practices and open source or off-the-shelf tools that can help you get the job done.

  2. Managing mobility: How to secure corporate data and keep users happy

    As mobility worked its way into the IT environment, it was most frequently locked down with a rigidly controlled set of approved devices.

  3. New server offers improved performance for database and collaboration workloads

    Benchmarks show the Dell PowerEdge R720 server excels in several areas.

  4. 10GbE offers increased affordability, performance and reliability

    10Gb Ethernet is different than earlier Ethernet standards in that it only functions in full-duplex mode, meaning that collision-detection protocols are unnecessary.

  5. Planning for the cloud: Essential steps

    The cloud represents a fundamental shift in the way IT organizations provide services to users, and how users consume those services. But how do you get there? What should you consider when evaluating a migration to the cloud?

  6. Network supports growth of seismic proportion

    A distributed network core is helping Spectrum ASA grow quickly to meet high demands for oil.

  7. Solution Centers offer hands-on experience, near you

    Dell has opened 12 centers around the world where customers can try out complex technologies.

  8. Should you make the move to virtual desktop infrastructure?

    Is virtual desktop integration (VDI) right for your business? Consider the following scenarios to see if VDI should be on your IT wish list and learn the best ways to deploy.

  9. Easou harnesses mobile evolution

    Mobile search engine company Easou delivers higher performance and greater energy efficiency with data center upgrades.