Adobe Acrobat X Standard

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adobe acrobat x standard banner 

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Improved scanning results
Search and reuse document content. Scan and convert paper documents and forms to PDF. Enjoy improved optical character recognition (OCR), up to 50% smaller file sizes, greater image fidelity and automatic color detection.
Firefox to PDF
With a single click, convert a web page in Firefox to a PDF file and keep all links intact. Or convert only a portion of the page by selecting just the content you want.
Working with Office 2010
Create PDF files with a single click from within Microsoft Office 2010 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access, as well as from specialized applications such as Microsoft Project and Visio.
PDF to Excel
Expedite reuse of content by converting PDF document data to Excel file formats. Even select a portion of a PDF page and export it to an editable format.
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PDF to Word
Export PDF files to Word documents with improved preservation of formatting and layouts. Relative positioning of tables, images and even multicolumn text is preserved, as well as page, paragraph, and font attributes.
SharePoint integration
Work with PDF files in Microsoft SharePoint. Access SharePoint from any Acrobat Open or Save dialog box. Open PDF files from SharePoint for viewing. Check them out for editing and then check them back in.
Streamlined commenting
Access markup tools and view comments from a single, unified tool pane. View all comments in a searchable list that can be filtered and sorted by page, author and date.
Reading Mode
Maximize your screen for optimal reading and presentation of PDF files with new Reading Mode. Menus and panels disappear and a transparent floating toolbar helps you navigate PDF files more easily.
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Improved web experience
Open and navigate PDF documents from within Web sites faster and easier than ever with a streamlined loading and viewing experience.
Online file sharing
Use Adobe SendNow online services from within Acrobat to send, share and track large files without the headaches of email size restrictions, FTP sites and costly overnight services.
Quick Tools
Quickly access the tools you use most — from your favorite PDF document editing tools to your most often used comment and markup tools — by adding them to the Quick Tools area.

 adobe acrobat x standard banner
Why choose Acrobat®? Because sharing business-critical information means more than simply creating a PDF file. It means persuading bosses, partners, colleagues and customers with a game-changing digital document that blows them away. That’s what we mean by Acrobat Dynamic PDF — all the capabilities Adobe® Acrobat X software gives you to enrich your files and presentations with audio and video that anyone can view and comment on using free Adobe Reader software.
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Designed to meet the needs of today's fast-paced, interconnected world, Acrobat Dynamic PDF enables you to work better with people inside and outside your organization. Combining the power of Acrobat desktop software with online services at Acrobat.com, Adobe provides simple-to-use solutions that help you deliver your best work, every day — all with the reliability, visual fidelity and control you expect from Adobe.

Using the next generation of PDF technology, you can:

  • Easily manage shared reviews and solicit, collect and aggregate team feedback.
  • Share files freely because anyone with Adobe Reader can open, view and comment on documents.
  • Organize content from a variety of sources, including emails, presentations and images, and package multiple file types into an elegant, easy-to-use PDF Portfolio.
  • Quickly create engaging presentations by embedding audio and video into your documents.
  • Share and store groups of files online at Acrobat.com, and track team members’ access to documents.

Acrobat X is designed to help people collaborate across organizations and time zones. Communicate ideas more effectively using rich documents that anyone can view and interact with. Speed up decision-making among extended teams, for shorter cycle times and faster time to market.

Integrate with other applications

Acrobat Dynamic PDF offers a complete solution for creating, sharing and storing PDF documents and controlling the information inside them. Today, Acrobat X integrates with these popular business applications:

Microsoft Office: Convert to PDF from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel with a single click, right from the authoring application.

Microsoft SharePoint: Convert SharePoint documents to PDF and back again to facilitate the flow of information across applications, databases and document types.

Email: From Microsoft Outlook and IBM® Lotus Notes, convert emails to PDF with the click of a button.

Browsers: Capture web pages with a single click from Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Adobe LiveCycle® ES2: For extended functionality within the PDF format, use Acrobat X with one or more of the Adobe LiveCycle ES2 modules. Control sensitive information stored in PDF files, perform batch processing and printing, and closely manage rights and access privileges for sensitive documents.

Interested in integrating with other applications? Acrobat X is highly extensible using the freely available software development kit SDK , coming soon. You can also work with more than 2,000 vendors worldwide to build a custom PDF-based solution and take advantage of consulting, training and support services.