Dell Solution Centers are a global network of state-of-the-art technical labs constructed just for customers. Launched in 2011, they are places where customers can explore and test solutions, enabling them to select the best technologies that will truly work for them and meet their business objectives .

Solution Centers are built and run on Dell platforms, representing a “living lab” to showcase real-world deployment of Dell technologies and capabilities. Dedicated experts work with customers in the centers to share best practices and knowledge. This combination allows customers to “try before they buy,” proving out and optimizing their architectures on Dell infrastructure before committing to a production environment or services contract.

Solution Centers also provide customers with technical briefings, architectural design sessions and independent software vendor certification. With 12 centers now open globally, the most recent in Silicon Valley, Dell has connected with thousands of customers, enabling them to get hands-on with Dell solutions.

Catalyst asked Lee Morgan, executive director of Dell Solution Centers, to explain the value of the centers for Dell customers:

What type of customers use the Solution Centers?

We work with all of our enterprise customers, whether that customer is a large enterprise company, a public sector organization or a small to medium business. We also work directly with our Premier Channel Partners to support their customers. Over the past 12 months, we have engaged with customers from all types of businesses, creating industry-specific use-cases to support each customer appropriately.

What can customers do at a Solution Center?

We work with our customers in several ways. Technical briefings can help customers to get a deep-dive view of a solution while our architectural design sessions will explore a solution further, in reference to the customer’s pain points. Through discussion and white-boarding, we will talk through how the solution could work for them. Proof-of-concept engagements are a true hands-on experience; we set up the solution and our customer can come in and really learn how to use it, conducting testing to prove how their application or data management requirements will be met. Typically, a customer will leave a proof-of-concept with a reference architecture to implement, reducing risk around their own deployment.

Knowledge and experience are vital in the decision-making process for our customers. Through the deep-dive sessions and hands-on experience that we provide, every customer can benefit from a Solution Center engagement.

How can customers work with you?

Customers interested in engagement with us should reach out to their account team to discuss their requirements. The account team will submit a request to us and we will work with both our customer and account team to scope out the engagement. We focus on identifying the issue the customer is trying to resolve to ensure the right resources are put in place to make this a really valuable experience for them. We also work very closely with our teams in the product and services groups at Dell and can leverage their expertise to support our customer’s needs as well.

Can you work with customers who can’t travel to the center?

Absolutely! Every day we work with customers who cannot travel to one of the centers through our dedicated remote network capability. Completely secure, this connects all of our Solution Centers allowing us to share resources and expertise easily, and ensuring we can connect with customers anywhere in the world. For customers with multiple locations, this also has the benefit of enabling global team members to connect and collaborate on an engagement.

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