Going up? For marine elevator manufacturer Lutz Aufzüge, efficiently managing the waves of data it collects about each of the seagoing elevators it installs for shipbuilders, cruise operators and luxury yacht owners is fundamental to the success of the business. Not unlike many other small and medium businesses, the German company is seeing its data storage needs escalate — the result of moving full steam ahead with digitizing years of paper documents and a shift to delivering three-dimensional CAD drawings to its customers. In our cover story on page 6, read more about how the company’s CIO met the challenge and reduced storage costs with a tiered Dell™ Compellent™ Storage Center™ solution.

Tiered storage was also the solution for Navicure, an Internet-based medical-claims clearinghouse you can read about on page 10. Faced with the responsibility for storing increasingly vast amounts of data for its client organizations, the company deployed scalable Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series iSCSI (Internet SCSI) storage area network (SAN) arrays — flexibly adding three to four arrays per year to reach the current capacity of over 400TB.

And then there is our profile of traffic detection company Wavetronix on page 12, where their data dilemma around backup and recovery led to a Dell AppAssure™ software solution. Among the benefits realized for the global company’s single IT staff member were automated deduplication, high levels of compression and the newfound ability to restore single files in less than five minutes.

Speaking of software, just ahead of our editorial wrap-up for this issue we watched as the launch of Microsoft® Windows® 8 and Windows RT ushered in what is expected to be a game-changer in the OS world. Now is the time to start kicking the tires on the touch-screen–friendly Windows 8, though the traditional Start menu has been replaced with the live-tiled Start screen. One touch down into the interface you will still find the familiar desktop from Windows 7 (sans Start menu of course), and some of our favorite features — including snapping two windows to appear side-by-side and the hot spot to show or hide the desktop — are alive and well. Read more about Windows 8 migration and the latest Dell tablets, ultrabooks and desktops for business starting on page 17.

Tom Kolnowski

Editor-in-chief and publisher