Have you thought about what your role is in keeping our network alive and growing? The connections that you have made through DWEN can lead to valuable business deals and even new friendships. It is up to us to find ways to do legitimate business with each other, and create even greater success for our community. There are already so many examples of how connections made through DWEN have led to incredible outcomes, and we want to build on this.

At our first DWEN event in 2010, Cindy Gallop introduced the idea of using the network to both ask for what you need to support your business growth, and make a clear offer of your unique talents or expertise to other women. We want to continue this tradition, and bring it to life by asking you to send an email with the subject line: NEEDS and OFFERS to Stephanie Goodell (stephanie_goodell@dellteam.com) by January 30, 2012 for inclusion in our next newsletter. Simply include a concise and clear response to one or both of the following questions, and leverage the power of our community!

What challenges, obstacles or questions is your business currently facing?

What specific strengths, services or expertise can you provide to others?