One benefit of involvement in the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network is that it allows you to ask for what you need to support your business growth, and make a clear offer of your unique talents or expertise to other women. Here are NEEDS and OFFERS of some of the members of our network and the best way to follow up with them.
Name: Andrea Lown
Title/Company: Founder,
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Andrea Lown
Need: Wedding Classifieds website looking for technology partner or funding to execute on white label distribution strategy with large (and interested) media partners and any advice on selling to and partnering with larger institutions.Offer: What specific strengths, services or expertise can you provide to others?
Having built from the ground up, I can share my experience on building & nurturing a user generated content site and community as well as best practices for e-commerce websites.
Name: Erin Bury
Title/Company: Managing Editor,
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Erin Bury
Need: We're a brand new emerging technology publication covering news from around the world.Our biggest challenge is working on distribution, and finding contributors and Startup Scouts to help us find international news.Offer: We can give exposure to emerging technology companies around the world. We're also working on launching paid research and advisory services, so we can help companies understand how emerging technologies affect their businesses.
Name: Jacqueline Dinsmore
Title/Company: CEO,
Luvali Convertibles
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Jacqueline Dinsmore
Need: Canadian-based consumer products company with high profile clients such as Best Buy, Hudson's Bay Company, Fairmont Hotels, Banana Boat and more. On track for almost 100% growth in 2012, seeking funding to fill orders and investors/experts to join its advisory board- which currently includes ex- executive of Levis, ex-President of Gap Canada and current President of Mexx Canada.Offer: As a corporate attorney turned entrepreneur, I am happy to share my view on how I balanced business and the law- in particular how I keep my company in optimum positions legally, without sacrificing the big deal.
Name: Stuti Jalan
Title/Company: Founder & Managing Director,
Crosshairs Communication
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Stuti Jalan
Need: Public Relations & Social Media Company in India with offices in 3 cities in India looking to expand internationally. We are looking for an international Strategic Partner. I would also like to know advantages and views on the creation of a Board of Directors for my company Crosshairs Communication - currently I am the only Director.Offer: I handle many luxury and fashion brands in India in the PR & Social Media space and have a fair knowledge about the industry in India. I started the company when I was 23 years old. I can share my experiences and challenges I faced as an entrepreneur and talk about my journey. (I belong to a traditional Rajasthani family where education was not really given importance and now am an entrepreneur handling diversity of brands nationally and internationally. I have a young bunch of enthusiastic almost all women’s team and would like to share my learnings.)
Name: Anuradha Parthasarathy
Title/Company: Founder/CEO,
Global Executive Talent, LLC
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Anuradha Parthasarathy
Need: We are not “known” and therefore are not able to generate enough leads. Our closing rate of leads which we get through referrals is a high 90%+. Often we hear people say that they wish they had known about our services earlier when they were in need which makes us feel even worse. We have tried using social media but it seems to generate candidates not leads.Offer: My expertise lies in helping start-ups build the right kind of team which can take them to the next level. I can advise on what to look for, when and how to go about the whole process of building an organization. I can also help in building the board of advisors and directors which are meaningful and not just trophy names.
Name: Lili Hall
Title/Company: Founder, President and CEO,
KNOCK, inc. (
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Lili Hall
Need: US-based creative agency specializing in branding and design for consumer products, retail and non-profits. We are looking at evaluating growth opportunities and crafting our approach to expanding our client base globally. Simultaneously,KNOCK has established satellite offices in the US to service our domestic business; seeking help in developing best practices for growing/managing these outposts.Offer: KNOCK can offer insights on developing positioning strategies and branding for your business, plus effective ways to protect your brand. And ensuring that marketing messaging is in sync with business objectives.
Name: Dave Gardner
Title/Company: Principal, Gardner & Associates Consulting
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Dave Gardner
Need: Stories about personalized/customized products and services to be included in a new book about the a la carte customer; stories about women entrepreneurs for an article in Fast Company; referrals and introductions to companies that would benefit from my services.Offer: Management consultant, writer, blogger focused on eliminating business execution problems that threaten profitable and sustainable growth; executive coaching; operations consulting; marketing; customer experience and customer service.
Name: Lynn Mancuso
Title/Company: Principal, Alpha/Omega Communications
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Lynn Mancuso
Need: Our biggest obstacle is our size. We are a three person team with so much diversified talent - and a million different contacts from our time in the corporate world - but we're up against large agencies with young employees and it's very difficult to get that first big client.Offer: Alpha/Omega Communications provides public relations "From Beginning to End." For instance...we have the capability to create a brand/logo for your company, do the marketing research, website development, advertising, filming, voiceovers, etc. My partners and I have backgrounds in public relations, broadcast journalism, ad agencies, emergency response and government relations. We can also train a company in crisis communications, etc.
Name: Miriam Christof
Title/Company: Principal, JustJump Marketing
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Miriam Christof
Need: How to develop a business plan, set up contracts both for my consulting work and for my freelancers/employees, stay focusedOffer: Advice in strategic marketing approach, education in the best use of Social Media platforms, education in the concept of Relationship Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, brand development and calming down small business owners who think, they have to achieve everything in New Media at once!