Application Modernization

Legacy insurance applications perform mission-critical tasks, but they can hold back your business with their complexity, lack of agility, high total cost of ownership and the shrinking pool of skilled resources available to manage them.

Dell Application Modernization Services provide the portfolio assessment, re-architecting and re-hosting needed to bring your applications in line with the industry. Dell Portfolio Assessment Services analyze your current application portfolio to gain a 360-degree view of the applications supporting your business processes. The Dell Clerity tool enables migration of legacy applications to a modern, standard platform, protecting application functionality and minimizing risk. The Dell Make tool helps you overhaul applications that leverage existing business logic, data and application usage to take full advantage of modern technologies.

Our Application Modernization Services provide:
  • Application Rehosting — Preserving existing investments (such as mainframe to x86, UNIX to Linux) and data migration/modernization
  • Application Rearchitecture — Extracting legacy knowledge, modernization to Java, modernization to C#, data modernization
  • Application Extension — SOA enablement, mobile solutions, business process management, web and portal extensions
  • Package Replacement — SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, industry applications
  • Portfolio Assessment — Inventory identification, application/data rationalization, modernization strategy definition, application assessment
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