Dell and ANSYS

ANSYS Dell and ANSYS offer a comprehensive range of engineering simulation solutions for virtually every industry. By running ANSYS software on Dell Precision workstations, you can refine and validate product designs at a stage where the cost of making changes is minimal.
Select Dell Precision workstations are certified for the following ANSYS software:
  • ANSYS Workbench, a simulation-driven product development platform with bidirectional computer-aided design (CAD) connectivity, highly automated meshing, a project-level update mechanism, pervasive parameter management and integrated optimization tools
  • Structural Mechanics solutions, for simulating every structural aspect of a product, from linear static analysis, to modal analysis for determining vibration characteristics, to advanced transient nonlinear phenomena analysis for detecting dynamic effects and complex behaviors
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics solutions, used to design and optimize new equipment and to troubleshoot already existing installations, including a range of fluid flow phenomena
  • Electromagnetics solutions, including field, circuit and system simulation software for the design of high-performance electronic equipment and electromechanical devices
  • Multiphysics simulation solutions, which enable engineers and designers to create virtual prototypes of their designs by simulating the interaction between structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow and electromagnetics, all within a single, unified engineering simulation environment
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