Dell and Aqumin

Aqumin  Aqumin provides real-time visual interpretation solutions for big data. In areas of business intelligence, data analytics, real-time alerting, financial services, risk and compliance, trading, regulatory and surveillance, investment research, investment banking and wealth management, Aqumin's AlphaVision™ software brings a larger field of view and unique insight into real-time intraday activity and historical trends.
Using unique expertise in high-performance computing, computer graphics, risk and capital markets, Aqumin has built a revolutionary 3D analytics environment that leverages people’s natural ability to think visually.

Select Dell Precision workstations are validated for AlphaVision to enable next-generation visual interpretation capabilities directly within the Microsoft® Excel® platform.

The Aqumin Excel Add-in offers a fast and easy way to transform your data into interactive 3D visual landscapes so you can see everything, miss nothing.

The AlphaVision SDK can be used to create custom applications to bring proprietary data into a more powerful, intuitive and interactive environment. Creating interactive three-dimensional charts and information landscapes with instant drill-down capability, our customers are identifying previously hidden patterns and relationships faster than ever before — seeing more information at once, on one screen — enabling them to manage risk, trade and invest more intelligently.

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