OpenManage Power Center

Control power by server, rack, row or room

You know that controlling power and heat in your data center allows you to increase rack density, optimize workloads and mitigate risk from power and thermal events. We’re committed to optimizing every level of infrastructure to squeeze out energy efficiencies and to give you more control of your computing environment.

Our current generation of PowerEdge™ servers can be effectively monitored and managed by OpenManage™ Power Center — a console that works collaboratively with our iDRAC7 Enterprise application and Intel® Node Manager. So not only do you get better visibility into your power use now and over time, but you get the control you need to respond to power events — such as loss of a cooling unit or brown out — and to keep your priority services up.

OpenManage Power Center aggregates monitoring and control across the rack and data center, and identifies areas where you can gain efficiency and cut waste. And when thermal events occur, it can automatically cap usage based on your defined policies to prevent overloading and tripping circuit breakers.

Combine these capabilities with other Dell innovations such as the Energy Smart Containment Rack and our Fresh Air-capable IT solutions, and you now have the essential tools to dramatically reduce power consumption and control operating costs.