Mobile Solutions for Insurers

Insurers were early adopters of mobility, and it has become an integral part of the insurance business. You now look to mobile solutions to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and extend mobile services to your customers and employees, as well as your distribution and administration partners.

Mobility solutions impact the entire value chain, including product management, marketing, sales and distribution, underwriting, risk management and claims management, as well as finance and accounting.
Rather than settling for just having a mobile web interface in place for your users, you want to develop a rich experience that encourages them to take advantage of a robust feature set. But how do you accomplish this, when mobile web applications can’t offer the depth and features that a native application can employ?

The Dell mobility team can help you develop a custom strategy for your dynamic mobile business needs, including native, hybrid or web applications. After we develop the solution that’s right for you, we can provide you with testing services, mobile device management and application support.

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