The Dell and Oracle commitment to joint product development provides database solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage.

Oracle® Database 11g Enterprise Edition is a relational database designed for grid computing and incorporates Oracle Grid Control for simplified system administration. Its unique architecture lets you cluster industry-standard storage and servers. You can scale from two nodes to multinode clusters to support the most demanding service level requirements. Your consolidated information will be secure, highly accessible and available.

Oracle Real Application Clusters allows a database to be installed across multiple servers. This provides high availability and scalability. If a clustered server fails, Oracle continues running on the remaining servers. And when you need more processing power, simply add another server without taking users offline.

Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition supports up to four CPU sockets. Because Standard Edition includes Oracle Real Application Clusters, Dell can offer an easily affordable two-server implementation that provides active-active failover capabilities and an easy upgrade path to Enterprise Edition. This configuration is ideal for small and midsized companies running mission-critical applications or database development projects.

Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition One is a full-featured database, packaged for small and midsized businesses and departments, with validated configurations for Microsoft® Windows®. It is fully compatible with the rest of the Oracle Database family, and scales easily to tackle your biggest challenges. Oracle Database Standard Edition One makes it easy to automate daily tasks and includes Oracle Application Express, which helps you develop database-centric web applications.

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