PremierConnect: A Planet-Friendly Procurement System
  • Virtually eliminate double entry with streamlined procurement
  • Save time and money with electronic ordering
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by integrating your procurement system with a customized catalog

Shop smarter

PremierConnect lets you shop directly and control approvals from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/procurement system — helping to streamline approvals and order processing.

Spend smarter

By essentially eliminating paper, email and faxed purchase orders, PremierConnect helps to lower costs and control unauthorized spending. It can also reduce order approval, delivery and payment cycle times.

Protect the environment

Electronic purchase orders reduce paper usage. That’s good for the planet — which is good for everyone.

Avoid errors

Integrating with PremierConnect can reduce order processing errors significantly over offline ordering methods.

Expand automation

PremierConnect opens the door to other great features like electronic invoicing and electronic payments.*

Rely on Dell expertise

Not only can we integrate with most procurement systems, but we can guide you through the whole process. We've performed thousands of customer integrations around the globe. 


* Not available in all regions.