Unified Server Configurator

Local One-to-One Server Deployment

The Dell™ Unified Server Configurator, enabled by the Lifecycle Controller, incorporates a comprehensive set of systems management features that operate in a pre-OS environment. Embedded directly in 11th-generation Dell PowerEdge™ servers, this next-generation tool does not require media such as CDs or DVDs and offers a simplified, flexible way to perform tasks ranging from firmware updates to OS deployment to diagnostics.

With the Dell Unified Server Configurator, you get:

  • Basic device configuration (RAID, network interface card [NIC] and iIntegrated Dell Remote Access Controller [iDRAC]) through simple wizards
  • System diagnosis
  • OS install by unpacking the drivers for the user-selected OS
    • Drivers are embedded for systems with iDRAC Express and Lifecycle Controller.
    • Drivers are available on Systems Management Tools and Documentation media for systems with Baseboard Management Controller (BMC).
  • Advanced device configuration for NIC and BIOS. (This is available only in systems with iDRAC Express.)
  • Update BIOS and firmware and stage updated drivers by directly connecting to relevant updates on support.dell.com. (This is available only in systems with iDRAC Express.)
  • Roll back firmware to a last known good state
  • Supports seven languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
  • Additional enhancements:
    • Configure provisioning server for auto discovery of iDRAC
    • Report the vFlash (virtual flash) media (solid-state drive [SSD] card) status
    • Enable part replacement and configure automatic firmware flash
    • Configure BIOS boot order
    • Check for compatible BIOS, IDRAC and Lifecycle Controller versions
    • Configure self-encryption disk drives