The Mobile/BYOD Solutions Resource Library

Read about our customers' success and how you can benefit from Dell Mobility Solutions in the following case studies, videos and white papers.

  1. 2014-sla-10021119-chromebook-google-classroom.jpg

    Science Learning Academy - Video


    Science Leadership Academy needed a simple, affordable way to enable better communication and collaboration between students and faculty. Thanks to Dell, SLA students have easy to use Dell Chromebook 11 laptops, providing a stress-free, mobile environment.

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    Sano Nihon Academy utilizes Dell Venue Pro tabalets in the classroom


    Japanese school sees improvements in academic achievement from maximizing efficiency and flexibility to enhance classroom engagement during lessons with the use of Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets for staff and Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets for students.

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    Jungheinrich uses mobile technology to showcase innovation at trade fairs - Infographic


    German leading logistics provider Jungheinrich unleashes innovative solutions at world logistics fair CEMAT using Dell Tablets.

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    Jungheinrich turns to Dell tablets to showcase company flexibility and solutions at trade events


    A German logistics company provided its sales staff with Dell Venue Pro tablets running Windows 8.1, giving them the mobility they needed at trade fairs to capture lead data and present its products. As a result, the firm has boosted orders and revenue.

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    Hospital do Coração (HCor) expands services and establishes an EMR environment


    Charitable hospital organization in Brazil relies on an end-to-end IT infrastructure from Dell to support their expansion and innovation.

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    Malmo Aviation turns to Dell OEM and Latitude tablets for electronic flight bag solution


    A Swedish airline is boosting efficiencies and pilot satisfaction through electronic flight bags developed around Dell tablets from Dell OEM Solutions.

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    Lowanna College partners with Dell for an end-to-end solution


    Australian school provides students with access to laptops with an end-to-end solution featuring Dell Latitude and Dell Inspiron laptops, Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell EqualLogic storage, Dell Networking switches, Dell AppAssure, Dell KACE and Dell ProSupport.

  8. 2014-jugheinrich-10013588-venue-workforce-flexibility.jpg

    Jungheinrich AG benefits from the flexibility of Dell Venue Pro series tablets - Video


    A German logistics company won more than €15 million of new business from trade fair through interactive product demonstrations and real-time lead reporting to central systems using Dell Venue Pro tablets running Windows 8.1 Pro.

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    How Dell Does IT: Enterprise Mobile Management and Desktop Workspace


    Anytime, anywhere access enables Dell’s employees to be productive, but it’s not without its security issues. With Desktop Workspace, the Dell IT group was able to provide a secure enterprise workspace across multiple system models and operating environments.

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    Nu Skin Enterprises creates a scalable, mobile platform for sales expo


    Chinese personal care company boosts employee efficiency and sales from a major sales campaign with a scalable virtualized solution featuring Dell PowerEdge servers, Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops, and proactive services from ProSupport Plus.

  1. improve-mobility-and-byod-with-emm.jpg

    Improve mobility and BYOD with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Learn how to manage and secure all your corporate-issued and BYO mobile devices—and the data on them—with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

  2. unlock-the-four-layers-of-security-with-emm.jpg

    Unlock the four layers of security with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Ensuring security can be difficult, especially when it comes to protecting enterprise data on devices you don’t own. Learn how to improve your mobility/BYOD security with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

  3. match-mobility-needs-to-your-workforce-with-emm.jpg

    Match mobility needs to your workforce with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Your workforce has differing mobility needs. Learn how meet the needs of everyone in your organization with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management.

  4. emm-sol-external.jpg

    Solve your mobile/BYOD challenges with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


    Learn how you can solve your mobility/BYOD challenges with Dell Enterprise Mobility Mangagement

  5. tablet-learning-productivity.jpg

    Dell Tablet Learning Productivity


    Discover how you can enhance learning productivity in your classroom with Dell Latitude 10 tablet running Microsoft Windows 8 — an extremely flexible tool that enables students to share information and perform multiple tasks easily.

  6. tablet-operational-efficiency.jpg

    Dell Tablet Operational Efficiency


    Securely access your school network anytime and anywhere with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that can help you deliver operational efficiency for IT administrators and school districts, while enabling personalized learning experience in the classroom.

  7. tablet-accessibility.jpg

    Dell Tablet Accessibility


    Enable mobility and empower learners with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that offers accessible technologies that can help personalize learning and enable students achieve their educational goals no matter what level of technology they require.