The tower-sized Dell PowerEdge VRTX redefines remote and small-office IT. This animated video follows a typical small-business user who's in charge of IT and web development at a creative digital agency. The small, crowded IT area is overrun with cables and lacks an efficient cooling system. The agency is growing in size and adding several remote offices.

The IT manager meets the challenge with a PowerEdge Dell VRTX solution that integrates servers, storage, networking and management in a single, compact chassis. One 5U unit contains four servers, 48 TB storage, integrated network switch and industry-standard PCI expansion slots, all running off standard office power sockets. Benefits include:
• Fast deployment — The VRTX was up and running in one hour, compared to a previous solution that took two days.
• Space savings — The IT area is uncluttered and far more efficient, with improved power and cooling.
• Streamlined management — The IT manager can easily monitor and manage regional sites from his desk.