The IT manager of a creative digital agency needs more application reliability to support a growing business that is opening more branch offices. His team supports critical HR, CRM, ecommerce, communications, payroll and finance platforms as well as a customer-facing web portal. Slow user experience is unacceptable. Application reliability and compatibility are critical issues.

The IT manager decides to virtualize his Dell PowerEdge VRTX solution with Microsoft® Hyper-V®. He's heard that virtualization is simpler, with increased reliability, improved resilience and better utilization. Results include:
• Applications run more reliably because IT can control processing and memory resources on an individual application basis.
• If one application fails, the others can carry on without interruption or downtime.
• Setup takes 40 minutes.
• If a rare service node problem occurs, IT can live-migrate to a spare node without users noticing, then swap out the faulty component with zero downtime.
• The IT team can be smaller and more specialized.