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  1. Support services brochure

    10 Aug 2014

    Help minimize disruptions and maintain a high level of productivity with Dell ProSupport — a suite of support services that you can customize to meet your business needs.

  2. ProSupport with multivendor capabilities

    Simplify support for mixed hardware environments and drive efficiencies by consolidating service contracts.

  3. Accidental Damage Service

    Minimize out-of-pocket expenses for unplanned computer repairs due to liquid spills, electrical surges, falls and other types of accidental damage.

  4. Dell ProSupport Plus

    Enjoy first-class system maintenance, expertise and assistance so you can keep your focus where it matters – on your business.

  5. One-time Virus Removal Service

    Our ProSupport experts will help detect and remove viruses and/or malware so your computer gets back up and running smoothly.

  6. One-Time Software Troubleshooting Service

    Get help troubleshooting software issues or get answers to “how to” questions such as PC customization, Network set up, Internet and email set up and Connect to a printer.

  7. Proactive Maintenance

    Help reduce unplanned downtime and optimize system stability with scheduled assessments, streamlined patch management, regular system checks and detailed reporting.

  8. ProSupport for Software

    ProSupport for Software provides access to Dell’s global team of certified engineers who serve as your primary support provider for troubleshooting software titles that are deployed across your organization.

  9. Parts- and Labor-Response Options

    Anytime access and availability to maximize uptime of your end users.

  10. Dell TechDirect for End Users

    One global portal for efficient problem resolution.