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  1. Free Up Rack Space by Replacing Old Servers and Storage - infographic

    Do significantly more work in less rack space. A 2U Dell PowerEdge FX2s and VMware VSAN solution with four server nodes can do 16 times the work of a legacy solution.

  2. PowerEdge Rack Servers

    PowerEdge Rack Server Family

  3. PowerVault MD3 Dense Series Spec Sheet

    The Dell™ PowerVault™ MD3 Dense array series provides a robust solution for high bandwidth environments. Whether you need to consolidate your storage, support the demands of data intensive applications, optimize your virtual environments, support High Performance Computing (HPC) or high bandwidth solutions, the MD3 Dense array is designed to meet your needs. The new 16Gb Fibre Channel, 10GbE iSCSI, and 12Gb SAS controllers offer the latest technology in high speed connectivity. The new models offer improved performance and doubles the existing MD3 bandwidth with the new 8GB cache per controller.

  4. 5 9s Availability in Dell Storage SC4020

    Even though the SC4020 is a lower cost member of the SC family, it meets 5 9s criteria just like its bigger family members. Dell did not cut costs by sacrificing availability, but by space-saving design like a single enclosure for media and controllers instead of two separate enclosures. Even with the smaller footprint – 2U to the SC8000’s 6U -- the SC4020 still achieves 5 9s using the same strict test measurement criteria.

  5. Dell Commercial Laptops – Quality & Testing

    Dell product experts discuss the various stages of quality and reliability testing for Latitude & Precision notebooks.

  6. Dell Storage SC Series Storage Center

    Today’s world of demanding business productivity means IT professionals are faced with a daunting challenge — ensure business operations continue at peak efficiency on limited budgets. Deploying storage effectively is crucial to meeting business goals as it is a cost-driver in the data center.

  7. Dell Networking 320 Series Access Points Spec Sheet

    Multi-functional 320 Series (W-AP324, W-AP325, W-IAP324, and W-IAP325) wireless access points (AP) provide optimal Wave 2802.11ac connectivity to enable the highest capacity, performance, and efficiency in extremely high-density environments. With a maximum concurrent data rate of 1,733Mbps in the 5GHz band and 800Mbps in the 2.4GHz band (aggregated date rate of 2.5Gbps), 320 Series APs support multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO) and four spatial streams (4SS) to provide simultaneous data transmission to multiple devices, maximize data throughput and improve network efficiency.​

  8. NEC PF6800 SDN Controller Starter Kit Solution Brief

    17 Aug 2016

    NEC PF6800 ProgrammableFlow SDN Controller starter kits make it easy to get started with Dell Openflow switch hardware, and true SDN controller software in core-and-pod data center designs.

  9. PowerVault MD3 SAS Series Spec Sheet

    The Dell™ PowerVault™ MD3 serial-attached SCSI (SAS) arrays introduce the high-performance 12Gb shared storage solution providing high availability data access. This series offers exceptional flexibility and scalability and is ideal for consolidating up to four servers in a high-availability (HA) clustered or virtualized environment. The PowerVault MD3 SAS array series is well suited for deployments where cost per GB is a key requirement and is an optimal solution when cost per performance (IOPS) is a primary consideration.

  10. Enterprise Strategy Group Whitepaper: Dell Data Storage and Analytics Innovations Delivering an Efficient Internet of Things

    In early 2016, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) released the results from its 2016 IT Spending Intentions Survey. This study included responses from over 633 organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia and covered a wide variety of IT topics and technologies. When asked about their organization’s IoT initiatives, almost one in five (19%) participants indicated that they already have an IoT initiative underway. An additional 27% indicated that their organization is currently developing IoT initiatives and plan to launch them over the next 12 months. The study went further, attempting to better understand firms’ expectations with regard to their IoT initiatives. Based on this research, this report reviews the technical challenges, requirements, and solutions for IoT implementations including compute, analytics, networking, data processing and storage - from the edge to the datacenter and cloud.