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  1. Restoring to Factory Settings with Dell Backup and Recovery 1.5

    Learn how to restore your Dell computer to factory settings within Windows using Dell Backup and Recovery. If your computer can't boot into Windows see our previous video on restoring after a crash http://youtu.be/_YPg5Z4gZH8

  2. Creating Recovery Media with Dell Backup and Recovery 1.5

    Learn how to create recovery media using Dell Backup and Recovery. Recovery media can restore your computer to its factory state even if the hard drive has to be replaced. You can use DVDs or a USB flash drive to create the media.

  3. Backing up Data using Dell Backup and Recovery 1.5

    Learn how to use Dell Backup and Recovery (DBAR) to backup your data on your Dell computer. Covers Windows 7 and 8.

  4. Learn how to Disable Add-Ins in Microsoft Outlook

    Add-ins are custom tools and capabilities which can be added to an installation of some Microsoft Office products. You may decide you no longer need one, or it may cause you issues with performance. Learn how to disable those add-ins in this video.

  5. Restore Your Computer With a Dell Windows 8 USB Restore Key

    The Dell Windows 8 USB restore key allows you to restore your computer back to factory settings and backup your data. Visit dell.com/recoverymedia for information on requesting a USB key.

  6. My Dell in 99 Seconds: Reset your Windows 7 Password

    Forget your Windows 7 Password? Learn how to use the Windows 7 Password reset disk to reset a password, and how to use an administrator account to reset the password of other users on the system. All in 99 seconds!

  7. Windows 8 – Working With Apps in 99 seconds

    Learn about the new Microsoft Store, and Store Apps, with My Dell in 99 Seconds. This video will help you to understand the differences between desktop applications and Store Apps, as well as get you started using them.

  8. How to get the most out of your Dell Venue tablet battery (Android)

    Your Venue tablet's battery can allow you to use your tablet for several hours before needing to charge. In this video you'll learn how to get the most out of each charge, and even see how specific apps and tasks are draining your battery.

  9. How to backup and restore your Dell Venue tablet (Android)

    Your Venue Android tablet can backup some vital data with Google and also restore its software back to the original factory state. If you're experiencing issues with your tablet performing a factory reset can usually help resolve the issue. Make sure all data you wish to keep is backed up before performing the reset as the procedure will erase all data off the tablet.

  10. An Overview of The First Time Setup of Your Dell Venue tablet (Android)

    A walk through of the initial setup of your Dell Android tablet. Your Venue 7 or 8 tablet's initial setup will allow you to setup a Google account, connect to your wireless internet, setup backup settings and more.