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  1. Dell Precision Workstation Family Brochure

    Dell Precision Workstation Family Brochure

  2. New Generation of IT Security Threats

    Current and Future State of IT Security: A Dell-commissioned study by Vanson Bourne.

  3. Better Security is Better Business – White Paper

    Dell’s approach to security is based on simplicity, efficiency, and connectivity. It makes security simpler allowing easier adoption of disruptive technologies -- like cloud and mobile– so your organization can refocus on doing what it does best.

  4. Enabling Devices and Device Management for Your Mobility/BYOD Program - White Paper

    To maximize mobile productivity, your employees need the right devices, and you need the right management solutions. Learn best practices for selecting mobile devices for your users and implementing the most effective management solutions.

  5. Driving Outcomes with One-to-One Initiatives

    By putting mobile devices into the hands of students and teacher, teachers can design activities that push the boundaries of the traditional classroom, inspiring creativity, exploration and new discoveries. Discover some of the outcomes that districts have seen since implementing their initiatives.

  6. Omneo turns to Dell for its big data solution

    Global manufacturer helps customers get a complete view of product data from across the supply chain and search and analyze billions of records in less three seconds with a solution based on Apache™ Hadoop® big-data software, Dell servers and the Dell Cloudera® platform.

  7. PowerEdge VRTX-Harnessing the Power of Converged Infrastructure-white paper

    Many organizations recognize the competitive advantages of using a converged infrastructure solution to consolidate, simplify, enhance and manage their IT environment. The question is how they can effectively and affordably bring such a solution to remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments and take advantage of all it has to offer. Now you can do that with the Dell PowerEdge VRTX platform

  8. Coffee Break Infrastructure for private cloud

    Creating an agile, manageable private cloud environment that enables efficiency and solves business problems isn’t easy. This paper examines the core IT capabilities required from your infrastructure components as you start on the journey of building a private cloud.