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  1. Learn How To Configure and Use Bluetooth

    Watch this video to learn how to install and configure Bluetooth on your system, as well as how to take advantage of a few of the networking properties Bluetooth enables.

  2. Having problems registering MS Office 2010?

    This video will help you to activate your copy of Microsoft Office 2010, purchased with your new Dell computer. This video will help you to locate and use your Microsoft Product Identifier (MPI) code.

  3. Using Dell's Flat Panel Diagnostics

    Learn to use Dell's Flat Panel Display diagnostics to troubleshoot and isolate the cause of video and display issues.

  4. How to Get the Most Out of your Dell Venue Tablet Battery (Android)

    Your Venue tablet's battery can allow you to use your tablet for several hours before needing to charge. In this video you'll learn how to get the most out of each charge, and even see how specific apps and tasks are draining your battery.

  5. TechTube: How to collect Dell Force10 logs

    This video will guide you through the process necessary to collect Force10 system logs. This is often a necessary step when troubleshooting with Dell Tech support.

  6. TechTube: How to Collect DSET Logs

    This guide will walk through the process to generate a system configuration report from the Dell System eSupport Tool (DSET). This report can be used to build a system inventory, and is often used to troubleshoot PowerEdge servers.

  7. My Dell in 99 seconds: System restore from inside Windows 7

    Learn how to use the Windows System Restore feature to repair software issues from outside of the operating system. A Windows System Restore returns your computer to a previous time, removing recent changes to the software on your computer without destroying new files you may have saved or created.

  8. Windows 8 – Start Screen in 99 seconds

    Learn about the intuitive Windows 8 user interface with My Dell in 99 Seconds. This video will discuss using, organizing and personalizing the start screen. Learn how to open apps, pin and unpin apps, rearrange tiles and use Live tiles.

  9. Using Dell's Flat Panel Reset to Resolve Common Issues

    Learn to use Dell's flat panel reset option to troubleshoot and resolve common video and display issues.

  10. Windows 8 - Connect to a Wireless Network in 99 seconds

    Need to connect your Windows 8 PC to a wireless network? Learn about connecting and configuring your systems wireless connections, including entering and configuring security and sharing settings, with My Dell in 99 Seconds.