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  1. Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet spec sheet

    The Dell Venue 11 Pro give the ultimate 2-in-1 flexibility: power of an Ultrabook, performance of a desktop, and portability of a tablet with advanced security and manageability.Option of Microsoft Embedded 8.1 Industry OS.

  2. Dell OptiPlex XE2 Desktop

    The OptiPlex XE2 is a stable and durable desktop PC featuring an ultra-long lifecycle, high heat tolerance and exceptional management capabilities.

  3. Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet spec sheet

    The Dell Venue 8 Pro is engineered to be the ultimate productivity companion for your connected Windows world by offering you high flexibility, easy access and sharing of data, and best-in-class security and protection. Option of Microsoft Embedded 8.1 Industry OS.

  4. Dell Unified Communications and Collaboration Services Brochure

    Dell Services combine optimized technical architectures with delivery frameworks to lower costs and provide rapid results — bringing together global employees from different departments to help implement your Flexible WorkStyle transformation.

  5. Dell Data Protection Mobile Edition Data Sheet

    Today employees, partners and vendors alike work any time, anywhere, using any device to download and share files. Personally owned smartphones and tablets, such as desktops and laptops, have become a standard work tool.

  6. SanDisk DAS Cache SpecSheet September 2014

    05 Sep 2014

    Read more about this server-level caching solution for Direct-Attached storage (DAS), which accelerates application performance. Brought to you by Dell; and using next generation as well as R920 Dell PowerEdge™ servers; this solution can enable substantial performance increases for workloads such as OLTP, OLAP, HPC, and Business Analytics.

  7. Dell Storage: Helping you to store more with less

    The volume, velocity and value of data is accelerating at an ever-increasing pace, meaning a departure from costly and complex storage of the past is critical for business success. Read how Dell Storage architectures can help reduce your overall storage footprint, lower overall IT infrastructure costs and improve efficiency.

  8. Dell PowerEdge servers: Balancing performance and efficiency

    In this data sheet, discover information about Dell® PowerEdge® energy monitoring and controls, which can allow your business to achieve better efficiency, results faster and maximize productivity throughout your organization.

  9. Dell Networking: Transform your network to accelerate results and improve IT economics

    Learn about Dell Networking solutions, which can help you modernize your infrastructure, gain performance and lower costs with the power of 10GbE networking. Our end-to-end portfolio of simple, flexible and reliable open-standards-based platforms can help you increase efficiency, achieve results faster and maximize productivity throughout your organization.

  10. Comparing the Carbon Footprints of 11G and 12G Rack Servers from Dell

    From product design to end-of-life recycling and everything in between, Dell considers the environment at every stage of a product’s lifecycle. Learn how the carbon footprints of an R710 and R720 rack server compare and read about changes in energy efficiency and carbon footprint generation over generation.