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  2. DC Powered Server Based on Dell's PowerEdge R710 Platform

    The NEI E2710 power-optimized application platform features state-of-the-art power optimization technologies, with DC power operation.

  3. Introducing Two Extended Life OEM-Ready Servers

    Dell introduces two extended life OEM-ready servers and eases OEM transition costs by extending chipset availability.

  4. Dell PowerEdge R720 t Carrier Grade

    Dell PowerEdge R720 t Carrier Grade spec sheet

  5. Proprietary to COTS components: Rethinking Telecommunications and Networking Systems

    Today's service providers want to control their own destiny in providing products and services to their customers. This includes not being tied to proprietary equipment, and more importantly, being able to lower CapEx, improve time-to-market and deliver leading-edge performance.

  6. Blades on Blades: An interview with Phil Blades, Amulet Hotkey CIO

    As a wide reaching business unit in terms of the customers we work with, Dell OEM Solutions’ customers can pop up in all sorts of places.

  7. Andy Eloff from Raw Thrills talks about gaming the system

    If you’ve been to an arcade or living room lately, you know that video games have come a long way since the days of PAC-MAN. What you might not know is just how closely the technology behind the scenes looks like the PC under your desk, and how the battle to capture gamers hearts has evolved since the emergence of consoles and mobile phones.

  8. Tyco Talks about the Ins and Outs of Security Surveillance

    Video surveillance continues to be a hot topic for those in the security space as well as consumers in general. Consumers recognize the power of security surveillance – we watch the local news with criminals being busted by video surveillance cameras and we’re all aware of the cameras monitoring us at, convenience stores, retail outlets, airports, schools, universities and other public places.

  9. KEMP Technologies Delivers Load-Balancing Controller Solution on PowerEdge Servers

    This week, Dell OEM Solutions announced its customer, Kemp Technologies, launched its load-balancing controller solution based on Dell’s PowerEdge R320 servers.

  10. 1130 System Information Guide

    Observe and follow service markings. Do not service any system except as explained in your system documentation. Opening or removing covers that are marked with the triangular symbol with a lightning bolt may expose you to electrical shock. Components inside these compartments should be serviced only by a trained service technician.