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  1. Solution Brief: Microsoft Exchange

    The Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure combines storage and compute resources into a single, integrated appliance to overcome the many challenges of legacy shared storage architectures, including overprovisioning. It provides all of the manageability benefits of centralized storage and delivers high performance by keeping data local to server resources – aligning with Microsoft’s guidance for low latency and predictable storage performance.

  2. Dell PowerEdge T330 Spec Sheet

    Powerful and expandable 1-socket rackable tower server for small and medium businesses (SMB) and remote office/branch office (ROBO).

  3. Solution Brief: Healthcare

    Meeting healthcare IT requirements with the Dell XC Web-scale Converged Appliance

  4. Dell Storage Family Portfolio

    Dell understands the storage hurdles of today. With the volume, velocity and value of data accelerating at an ever-increasing pace, making a departure from the costly and complex approach to storage of the past is critical. Dell is redefining the economics of enterprise storage through modern storage architectures, a focus on customer workloads, and an end-to-end integrated portfolio of server, storage, networking, software and services offerings.

  5. dell_gateway_5000_internet_of_things_specsheet_Oct2015

    05 Nov 2015


  6. What’s new in Storage Center 6.5?

    What’s new in Storage Center 6.5?

  7. Dell Compellent Series 40 Spec Sheet

    The Dell™ Compellent™ Storage Center™ Series 40 SAN is an all-in-one storage array that allows organizations to actively manage data at a highly granular level using built-in intelligence and automation. This ultraefficient, easy-to-manage storage solution optimizes drive utilization, dynamically moves data between storage tiers and RAID levels, continuously protects data against downtime and disaster, scales on demand, and quickly adapts to ever-changing business needs. Storage Center enables organizations to cut the time, cost and risk of managing enterprise storage — today and in the future.

  8. Evolving to the private cloud with Dell Compellent and Microsoft

    Evolving to the private cloud with Dell Compellent and Microsoft

  9. Embracing Flash Storage Executive Brief

    Flash storage can deliver impressive performance, especially for random I/O (input/output), by eliminating rotational and seek latencies that are common in all hard disk drive (HDD) storage systems. This is particularly relevant in today’s virtualized application world where I/O access patterns are much more random due to the “blender effect” of virtualization.

  10. Dell Networking C9010 network director Spec Sheet

    Dell Networking C9010 network director and C1048P rapid access node Providing next-generation scalability from edge to core.