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  1. Host Europe TechDirect case study

    Here how our customer boosted IT staff by 90% by using TechDirect to manage their support and dispatch requests.

  2. SupportAssist Customer Presentation

    This presentation explains how SupportAssist will benefit your IT staff and organization.

  3. Security Considerations FAQ

    Read the security Q&A to understand the investment we’ve made to protect your data and earn your trust.

  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Have questions about SupportAssist for enterprise devices, view the most popular questions.

  5. SupportAssist for EQL SAN HQ

    Activate automated proactive support for your EqualLogic storage devices from within the SAN HQ console.

  6. SupportAssist Community

    Access tutorial videos, support product lists, User Guides and connect with peers.

  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Have questions about SupportAssist PCs and tablets, view the most popular questions.

  8. SupportAssist for MS SCOM

    Integrate into Microsoft SCOM and Dell Server Management Pack Suite to monitor a higher volume of Dell servers.

  9. SupportAssist for OME

    Get automated proactive support on Dell server, storage and networking products through the OpenManage Essentials application bundle.

  10. SupportAssist for PCs and tablets

    Download SupportAssist to get automated support for one device or to set up multiple devices for an organization.