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  1. Case Study — LaRue High School

    Case Study — LaRue High School

  2. vStart 100 for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

    A Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010 farm hosts the core platform services and applications that enable multiple capabilities for its users.

  3. Dell Compellent Storage Center Technical Specfications

    The Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN is built on a flexible, persistent platform that supports the continual adoption of new technologies as you grow. You can easily intermix drive technologies and build a unified storage solution without worrying about a forklift upgrade. Integrated software applications allow you to move beyond simply storing data to actively, intelligently managing data to cut the time, cost and risk of enterprise storage.

  4. SQL Server performance with Express Flash and PowerEdge R720

    Dell has recently launched its next generation servers, including the PowerEdge R720, which is designed for performance. The support for the powerful processors, high-memory capacity and the front loading PCIe SSDs makes it highly desirable for high performance demanding application deployments. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular databases that runs many performance critical applications worldwide. SQL Server database applications may benefit by having this powerful server as the backend. This white paper explores the performance benefits of the PowerEdge R720 for a standard database workload. The CPU performance and the PCIe SSD performance are evaluated using specific OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) test configurations.

  5. Dell PowerEdge M820 Spec Sheet

    The Dell PowerEdge M820 blade server delivers exceptional performance and scalability for core business applications or consolidated environments with no compromise on enterprise-class features.

  6. Dell Compellent for Oracle deployments Solution Brief

    Dell Compellent Storage Center — Virtualized, optimized storage for Oracle deployments

  7. How to build your own Dell Precision T5600? (Papercraft)

    How to build your own Dell Precision T5600? (Papercraft)

  8. Dell PowerEdge R520 Technical Guide

    The Dell PowerEdge R520 is a 2-socket, 2U rack mount server offering an excellent balance of processing power, storage capacity and redundancy. The R520's price per performance, configuration flexibility and headroom for growth make it highly appealing for consolidation and virtualization, web serving and hosting, departmental database applications such as business analytics, and a wide range of general-purpose collaboration and productivity applications.

  9. Dell Precision T3600 Spec Sheet

    Dell Precision T3600 Spec Sheet

  10. PowerEdge R820 Virtualization Consolidation Study

    In order to provide a better understanding for virtualization performance, this study describes specific application performance in a virtualized environment. The servers used in this study are the Dell PowerEdge R820 with Intel Xeon E5-4600 series processors, Dell PowerEdge R720 with Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors, the previous generation Dell PowerEdge R710 with Intel Xeon X5600 series processors, and the Dell PowerEdge 2950 9th generation rack servers with Intel Xeon 5400 series processors.