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  1. Dell Networking white paper on moving to 10GbE

    09 Jun 2014

    This paper provides a brief overview of key changes occurring within data centers and the challenges they present to IT organizations. It then takes a closer look at 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) technology, how it can help overcome some of these challenges, and provides some practical guidelines on introducing it into your data center. Finally the paper will discuss of some Dell’s 10GbE switch solutions and their benefits.

  2. Coffee Break : Server Virtualization 101

    09 Jun 2014

    Although requirements and priorities will vary from one organization to another, the starting point for any organization considering server virtualization is to build a compelling business case. This paper answers questions such as: What is virtualization? Why move to virtualization? and Where to begin?

  3. Dell Networking White Paper On Network Virtualization Overlay NVO

    09 Jun 2014

    This paper provides an in-depth look at network virtualization. It overviews how virtualizing network infrastructure provides huge benefits to server virtualzation initiatives and overviews Dell's approach to network virtualization.

  4. Coffee Break on SDN in the data center

    09 Jun 2014

    Industry experts tout Software-Defined Networks (SDN) as the next step in the evolution of network infrastructures but there is an array of approaches ranging from Network Virtualization Overlay (NVO) to OpenFlow™. This paper covers what should you really focus on and plan for in regards to integrating SDN into your data center environment.

  5. Coffee Break : Server Virtualization Usage Cases

    09 Jun 2014

    x86 server virtualization technologies enable the separation of the operating system and applications from the physical hardware through the presentation of virtualized hardware. This paper discusses use cases where server virtualization can help with 3 ways: Maximixe efficiency, Simplify Operations, and Increase agility

  6. DVS Enterprise Reference Architecture for Dell VRTX and Citrix

    15 Oct 2013

    This document describes the Dell DVS Reference Architecture for Dell VRTX and Citrix XenDesktop (MCS) supporting the Remote Office/ Branch Office (ROBO) use case.

  7. Active System 800 with Hyper V Reference Architecture

    15 Aug 2013

    The Active System 800 solution combines servers, storage, networking, and infrastructure management into an integrated and optimized system that provides virtualized resource pools in a virtual data center environment. Microsoft Hyper-V solution is the Active System 800m offered for Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 with Hyper-V® role enabled Hypervisors. Use this reference architecture to learn how to configure a similar virtual data center solution in your environment.