Thin Clients for Cloud Client-Computing

Integrate a higher level of security and manageability into any infrastructure — on your terms

Integrate into any virtualized or web-based infrastructure while meeting your individual budget and performance requirements. When you couple Wyse Datacenter solutions with Wyse thin and zero clients, desktop virtualization can be quick and easy. Purpose-built for your VDI environment to provide maximum performance, Wyse thin clients are available in many form factors with various mounting options, including mobile and all-in-one thin clients. Wyse thin clients from Dell maximize efficiency, ease of management and security:
  • Simplify management and security. Wyse thin clients have zero hard disk and no moving parts and thin clients based on Dell Wyse ThinOS feature a virus-immune firmware system. Reduce the threat of endpoint viruses and malware from your organization’s security equation: ThinOS-based thin clients are built on a firmware base that eliminates threats from published APIs, locally accessible file systems, local browsers and network-accessible vulnerabilities.
  • Make IT more efficient. Wyse zero clients are designed and purpose-built to complement Citrix®, Microsoft® and VMware® virtual desktop environments with strong security, outstanding performance and easy, highly scalable device management.
  • Improve portability and user experience. Wyse Cloud Connect is an ultra-compact and portable enterprise IT-controlled HDMI/MHL cloud access device that enables you to convert any capable screen into a functioning interactive display. With multiple options for control including Bluetooth®, touch interface or remote via a companion application, Cloud Connect enables secure productivity from work, home and on-the-go. As an ultra-compact digital signage engine, supported by a growing array of ISVs, Cloud Connect can significantly reduce the cost of digital signage implementations in retail, transportation or any public-facing communications need.
Thin ClientsWyse Thin Clients

Wyse thin clients are designed to integrate easily into any virtualized or web-based infrastructure while meeting the budget and performance requirements for any application.

Zero Clients Wyse Zero Clients

Wyse zero clients are purpose-built for your particular VDI environment to provide instant-on, hands-off operation and performance that meets the demands of your most power-hungry applications.

Wyse Management SoftwareWyse Management Software

As your number of clients grow, Dell offers Wyse management software that makes it easy and automatic to configure, monitor and maintain your Wyse thin and zero clients.

Wyse Cloud Desktops for Wyse WSM and Wyse vWorkspaceWyse Cloud Desktops for Wyse WSM and Wyse vWorkspace

With the power of a PC and the security of server-based content and data storage, Wyse cloud desktops offer the benefits of PC computing with additional benefits from the cloud. It’s the PC that’s not a PC.

Wyse Cloud ConnectWyse Cloud Connect

Wyse Cloud Connect is the ultra-compact IT-managed enterprise client with outstanding portability, security and rich user experience for accessing broad applications and content in the cloud. It’s ideal for digital signage.

Contact a Dell Cloud Client-Computing specialist to learn which products and services will best help you integrate a higher level of security and manageability into your infrastructure.

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