Adobe Transactional Licensing Program

Gain control of your software licenses

Keeping track of individual retail purchases and subsequent software usage across your entire organization can be resource-intensive. By acquiring Adobe® software licenses through Transactional Licensing Program (TLP), you will have a permanent record of the licenses your organization has ordered. TLP provides access to Adobe’s Licensing Website (LWS), the easy-to-use, password-protected portal that enables you to track and manage your Adobe software licenses online in one central location. With Adobe’s LWS, you can run reports, track order history, access serial numbers and download available software. You can also grant others within your organization access to Adobe’s LWS with their own unique login based on their email address.

Easily deploy software

In addition, TLP orders provide a single serial number per product (per platform) across your entire organization, so IT staff can build a standard image for installation on each machine to get users up and running quickly. By ordering your software through TLP and using Adobe’s LWS to manage your licenses, you can eliminate the countless hours it often takes to monitor deployed retail software while ensuring your organization is in compliance with its Adobe software licenses.

Access helpful licensing resources

AVL customers can also take advantage of resources, such as deployment guides and frequently asked questions that are available through a dedicated website. With topics customized for licensing and purchasing professionals, these resources provide tips, techniques and best practices that reflect today’s global way of doing business.

Upgrade plan

TLP Upgrade Plan is only available to government and education customers. Commercial customers will need to move to CLP to include Upgrade Plan. The Adobe Upgrade Plan gives you more peace of mind, no matter which licensing program you choose. For a single-cost-per-licensed product, the upgrade plan gives you access to any and all upgrades of that product during the term of the plan. Talk to your Dell account manager for details on Adobe Upgrade Plan costs and associated points.

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