McAfee Labs

Today’s threats are more sophisticated and targeted than ever, and they’re growing at an unprecedented rate. Both malicious URLs and malware have grown almost six-fold in the last two years and last year saw more new malware than all prior years combined. With the increased threat of criminals mining for consumer and corporate data, the efficiency of your security must be a priority.

With a global research footprint, McAfee® Labs provides comprehensive Global Threat Intelligence. Backed by a portfolio of more than 400 patents and a network of millions of sensors spanning the Internet, McAfee Labs delivers unparalleled protection against both known and emerging threats via a complete suite of security products.

Because of its broad product footprint, McAfee Labs has visibility into all key threat vectors, as well as into application and system vulnerabilities across the IT landscape. McAfee Global Threat Intelligence is based on the collection and correlation of data from and across all key threat vectors, including file, web, email and network. This protection provides visibility into online dangers, such as botnets and DNS attacks.
  1. McAfee System Security

    07 Feb 2012

    The threat from spyware and viruses changes constantly, requiring an actively shifting defense. McAfee AntiSpyware and Active Virus Defense offer protection for all of your points of entry.

  2. McAfee Total Protection for Data

    07 Feb 2012

    McAfee Total Protection for Data offers strong encryption, authentication, data loss prevention and policy-driven security controls to help you prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information — anytime, anywhere.

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