Microsoft Open License Program

For Organizations of All Sizes

A Microsoft® Open License program brings the benefits of volume software licensing to organizations of all sizes. With any Open License program, you get discounted prices on all orders placed during the term of your agreement.

An Open License program offers you three great ways to save:

  • Open Value for organizations, of up to 250 desktops, that want to stay current and get more from technology investments — Place an initial order of five or more licenses along with Software Assurance and get the ability to spread payments over the course of the year, plus training opportunities, upgrades and support. Choose the company-wide option for even greater savings.
  • Open Business for organizations that want savings over retail prices and can place an initial order of just five or more licenses, or just one server license — Combine any set of Microsoft® products to qualify for the five-license minimum. You can get the same savings when you place additional orders as small as a single license over the course of your two-year term.
  • Open Volume for organizations that can place a larger, qualifying initial order to realize additional savings — To qualify, place an initial order of 500 points in one or more product pools of applications, systems or servers. Additional orders, as small as a single license, qualify for the same savings over the course of your two-year term.


    Open Value Details
    As part of the Microsoft Open License family, the Open Value program is designed for organizations, with as few as five desktops that want volume pricing along with the upgrades, tools and training benefits of Software Assurance.

    With Open Value, get all the software you need without incurring all the costs up front. Break both licensing and included Software Assurance costs down into monthly payments over your agreement term, and turn software into a predictable budget item. The Open Value agreement term is three years, renewable for another three years when the initial agreement expires.

    You can decide to purchase licenses in three ways:

  • Subscription
  • Noncompanywide
  • Companywide

     Talk to your Dell account manager about the option that works best for your organization.

    Company-Wide Option
    Get a single price for every desktop when you standardize on one or more Microsoft® Enterprise products. The company-wide option offers additional savings opportunities and the ability to spread your payments over the course of the year.

    Open Business Details
    Easy to understand, the Open Business has simple, clear terms for acquiring licenses that are flexible for purchasing and easy to administer.

    Place an initial order for a minimum of five licenses to obtain an Open Business authorization number. The authorization number is valid for two years. With no minimum purchase requirements, you can purchase licenses and optional Software Assurance as your business grows.

    Place reorders with your valid authorization number at a minimum of one license per reorder. Note that Software Assurance expires when your license authorization number expires, regardless of the point during the term in which it was purchased.

    Open Volume Details
    The Open Volume program is designed for organizations that need as few as five, and up to thousands of licenses. It is especially useful for organizations that need multiple copies of particular titles. You get substantial savings, ease of deployment, flexible acquisition, and multiple payment options plus access to Software Assurance.

    Microsoft products are grouped in product pools and assigned a point value. The number of points you purchase in your initial order for a particular product pool determines your Open Volume License level and price discount. Your Open Volume authorization number is valid for two years. To determine the points and pools associated with your order, talk to your Dell account manager.

    Purchase licenses and optional Software Assurance as needed over your two-year term. Note that Software Assurance expires when your license authorization number expires, regardless of the point during the term in which it was purchased.

    Software Assurance
    Strengthen your purchasing power, and get more from your software investments with Microsoft Software Assurance. By adding Software Assurance, you get automatic access to software upgrades plus tools, training and support to help your organization deploy and use software efficiently.

    eOpen License Tool
    With any Open License program, you get access to an online tool that helps you manage your open license orders. eOpen gives you electronic order confirmation, license order history and the ability to create personalized views to make software management even easier.

    eOpen is available for license orders made in more than 180 countries. Check with your Dell account manager for details on costs and availability.

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