VMware Volume Purchasing Program

VMware Volume Software Licensing

VMware’s Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) is designed to reward customers purchasing in volume with the opportunity for discounts on the cost of licenses.

VPP offers customers the opportunity to qualify for one of four discount bands. Your discount level is determined by the size of your initial order. The more you order in a single transaction, the higher the applicable discount band.

Your discount band also applies to future qualifying purchases of $10,000 or more during the subsequent 12-month period.

To calculate VPP point totals specific to your order and determine discount levels for your organization, contact your Dell account manager.

  1. VMware ThinApp

    06 Feb 2012

    VMware ThinApp helps you upgrade operating systems without having to upgrade or replace legacy applications.

  2. VMware View 4 Built for Desktops

    06 Feb 2012

    Build the desktop of tomorrow, today with VMware View 4 built for desktops.

  3. VMware Infrastructure

    06 Feb 2012

    VMware Infrastructure 3 offers a number of services that transform data centers into a shared dynamic utility platform through infrastructure, application and management services.

  4. VMware vSphere

    06 Feb 2012

    VMware vSphere offers the efficiency and low cost of cloud computing with uncompromising control over service levels and with freedom of choice.

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