Websense Software

Content is your business. Protecting it is Websense's business.

You create, consume and share content in emails, presentations, blogs, tweets, budgets, blueprints and websites. That’s your business.

Websense® identifies, classifies and understands content in all its forms and wherever it travels so they can protect it from attack, theft and misuse. Websense is the best in the content protection business.

Websense TRITON™ delivers modern security with Websense TruContent™ intelligence — the first and only system that unifies content visibility and analysis all the way to the data level, as it flows in and out of an organization. Organizations are able to prevent dynamic inbound internet threats, control unauthorized content, ensure productivity and effectively stop outbound data loss across key channels of information exchange including web and email.


Websense Essential Information Protection is based on products, technologies and hosted solutions that provide integrated network security threat defense and powerful policy-based control over your organization's sensitive data.

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