Adobe Enterprise Agreement Licensing Program

Take advantage of significant savings on Adobe software over a three-year term, and simplify purchasing and deployment across your entire organization.

Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2, one of the Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) programs, makes it easy for customers to standardize on Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe Creative Suite® software across their entire organization. With EA 2, medium to large commercial and government organizations can earn significant discounts on volume purchases for a three-year term. Not only can EA 2 help you more easily deploy and manage the latest Adobe software across your organization, but it also offers predictable pricing on software costs while reducing administrative management and IT workloads.

How EA 2 works
With a minimum purchase of 100 licenses of Adobe Acrobat or 100 licenses of Creative Suite software, as well as maintenance and support for those licenses, your organization can enroll in Adobe’s Enterprise Agreement 2 program. The number of licenses (with maintenance and support) in your initial order sets your EA discount tier for the length of the three-year term, offering you predictable pricing for additional license purchases throughout that term and making it easier to budget for future costs. If your organization is already using previous versions of Acrobat or Creative Suite software, you need to upgrade all qualified computers to the latest version of Acrobat or Creative Suite, and purchase maintenance and support for those upgrades at the beginning of your enrollment. Full, upgrade and upsell licenses will all count toward your initial minimum 100-license purchase. During your EA term, your organization automatically receives upgrades of your licensed Adobe products and has direct access to Adobe support to quickly resolve technical issues.

Standardize software across your organization
EA 2 makes it easy to standardize and manage licenses across your entire organization. By making a volume purchase of Acrobat or Creative Suite licenses, you can ensure that everyone in your organization is using the same version of the software, thereby reducing IT costs associated with supporting different versions of the same Adobe application. Because all licenses are covered with maintenance, you automatically receive the latest versions of the licensed software throughout your term. In addition, EA 2 offers an annual true-up feature that enables you to deploy additional licenses as you need them throughout the year and then pay for those additional licenses — as well as second- or third-year maintenance and support — on each EA anniversary with a single purchase order. Additional licenses are priced at the same EA discount tier as your initial order, no matter how many extra licenses you deploy.

Reduce software costs
EA 2 offers your organization the most substantial savings on Adobe software licenses of any AVL program. EA 2 offers significant savings based on your initial volume purchase. The more licenses you buy initially, the more money you save now and throughout the three-year term of your agreement. Your organization is also eligible for deeper savings if you standardize on software from the Acrobat family on 100% of your computers. If your organization also participates in Adobe’s Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP), which is recommended but not required, your EA 2 purchases can be applied toward your CLP accumulated point total for even greater savings. If you are not yet a CLP member, you can become one before you enroll in EA 2 to take better advantage of the benefits that both programs have to offer. And because all EA 2 licenses require maintenance and support, your organization saves on upgrade and product support costs throughout the three-year term.

Simplify software management and compliance
In addition to price advantages, EA 2 customers can maintain control over their software environments and simplify compliance by easily tracking and managing their Adobe software licenses through Adobe’s Licensing Website (LWS). With LWS, you can run reports, track your order history, access serial numbers, review license statements and download software via one online resource.

Get the most out of your product investment with Adobe Enterprise Support
Adobe Enterprise Support — which is required with EA 2 purchases — provides comprehensive 24x7 technical and usage support coverage through multiple channels, including phone and web. The program offers indispensable expertise to help you meet your business objectives with Adobe products. Deploy faster and more reliably with Adobe Support experts who can assist you across your entire solution lifecycle and provide insights on security issues and integration with other software. The support service facilitates product onboarding sessions and gives how-to support coverage to help you drive user adoption and accelerate your team’s productivity. Mitigate risks and minimize downtime with direct access to around-the-clock responsive support from Adobe experts who can help you resolve technical issues quickly, no matter how complex your requirements. EA 2 also provides the opportunity to enhance Adobe Enterprise Support with an optional personalized support program — Enterprise Advantage Support — that offers the highest level of support expertise and responsiveness through designated Adobe Support specialists.