McAfee® Total Protection™ for Data offers strong encryption, authentication, data loss prevention and policy-driven security controls to help you prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information — anytime, anywhere.

McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business

McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business includes all the critical elements of security that most medium-sized companies need. It includes the best and most comprehensive McAfee security for endpoints, email, Web usage and data. Compared with the alternative of purchasing and managing multiple security products from multiple vendors, McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business saves you time, saves you money and gives you stronger defenses against today’s complex threats. With built-in intelligence, it protects you from the threats you know about — and the threats you can’t see coming.

Get a Protect Plus perpetual license with one-year Gold Software Support (TEBCDE-AA).

McAfee Total Protection Service

Delivered as a security as a service (SaaS), McAfee Total Protection Service provides comprehensive security for small- to midsized businesses. McAfee integrates protection from viruses, spyware, spam, hackers, identity theft and Web threats all into a single solution. Lower your on-site maintenance and the cost of computer security with the McAfee hosted infrastructure that provides Web-based access to the McAfee SecurityCenter management and reporting console.

Get a subscription license with one-year McAfee Gold Support (TSBECE-AA).

McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint

Compliance. Evolving threats. Complex networks. Safeguard your enterprise and mitigate risk while lowering costs with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. Get continuous, updated, industrial-strength protection against malware — from rootkits to hacker attacks. Manage from a single console, provided by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator®, for integrated and efficient security.

Get a Perpetual Plus license with one-year McAfee Gold Support (TENCDE-AA).

McAfee Total Protection for Virtualization

Virtualization technologies improve hardware utilization and reduce costs. However, they also introduce new security challenges. Security risks extend well beyond those of physical systems to include additional threats that are specific to the virtualized environment.

For comprehensive protection for virtual servers, turn to McAfee Total Protection for Virtualization — the industry's most complete and scalable security solution with integrated, centralized management for security and compliance — so that your enterprise can safely benefit from virtualization.

Get a perpetual license with one-year McAfee Gold Software Support (TEVCKE-AB).