Why Dell for Windows 7

Why Dell for Windows 7

As a leading Microsoft partner, Dell has spent, literally, thousands of hours working with Microsoft to optimize our products and services for Windows® 7. Find out how Dell can help your business make the Windows 7 transition — whether through our Windows 7-ready hardware or through services that let you add just the level of Windows 7 support you need.

  1. Dell Small-Business Services: Windows 7

    Increase productivity with Dell’s most comprehensive ongoing support for your new Windows 7 environment.

  2. Dell Volume Licensing for Windows 7

    Learn how a volume license agreement (VLA) from Dell can help you manage IT expenses while simplifying your business’ transition to Windows 7.

  3. Windows 7 Discussion in the Dell Community

    Visit the Dell Community Forums to find out how business users and IT professionals worldwide are approaching the move to Windows 7.

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