Windows Server 2008

The Value of Windows Server

Dell can help you lower costs, save time and reduce risk to implement Windows Server 2008 while increasing performance, quality and reliability of the new OS.

Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to Windows Server 2008 Release 2

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Your Windows Server Strategy

Dell worked closely with Microsoft during development of Windows Server 2008. Thanks to this strong partnership and our hands-on experience, we can help simplify the adoption of the OS.

High Availability Solutions Guide for Microsoft Hyper-V

Dell Solutions Guide for Microsoft Hyper-V Network

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Implementing Windows Server

Dell helps reduce cost, time and risk to implement Windows Server® 2008 by providing a single point of accountability for the entire hardware, software and services solution across all technologies.

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Best Practices for Windows Server

Dell helps you with guidelines that make establishing and maintaining best practices an easy and straightforward process.

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Commercial Winserver