Dell and Microsoft

Constant Collaboration

For more than 20 years, Dell and Microsoft have been at the forefront of delivering innovative, open-standards technology. Through the combined resources and experience of this ongoing partnership, you get integrated solutions that help you save money, increase efficiency and respond quickly when market conditions change.

Trusted Advisors

You can rely on the Dell and Microsoft partnership to help you navigate an ever-changing IT landscape. For example, Dell participates in the Microsoft® Technology Adoption Program (TAP) to obtain real-world customer feedback on Microsoft prerelease products and gather insights that contribute to product improvement.

Dell dedicates thousands of hours testing and validating products to ensure they are business-ready for customers.

Dell systems are used in Microsoft Technology Centers to demonstrate Unified Communication solutions that use Exchange 2010.

As a single point of contact for your Dell | Microsoft solution, we provide seamless ordering, installation, integration and support for Microsoft applications on Dell infrastructure.

Contact a Dell representative to learn more about how you can benefit from the Dell | Microsoft partnership.
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