Dell and BMC — Global Alliance Partners

Dell and BMC - Global Alliance Partners

Simplify and automate IT infrastructure management

Managing large enterprise data centers can be a challenging endeavor. Over the last 10 years, Dell and BMC have jointly delivered flexible and high-performance computing platforms and developed a collection of best practices and implementation services to optimize data center architecture, installation and management.

Implementing an integrated Dell and BMC Business Service Management (BSM) solution, dramatically reduces data center management complexity by providing a comprehensive approach and unified platform for managing IT. A simple to manage and simple to monitor infrastructure:
  • Lowers data center expenses and total cost of ownership
  • Optimizes IT service levels and improves IT agility
  • Reduces risk
  • Helps enforce operational, security and regulatory compliance
Dell's global alliance with BMC helps you implement the highest level of data center and business services manageability and gives you control of your growing IT infrastructure.

Dell and BMC solutions

Cloud Computing


Data Center Systems Management

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Data Center Virtualization



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