Dell Latitude XFR ATG Rugged Laptops

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The world can be a challenging place, but the important work you do can’t stop just because the conditions are harsh. Dell has a family of ruggedized laptop solutions — from the most durable military-grade option to flexible, business-ready solutions — designed to resist spills and drops and to handle almost any situation. If you have a mission-critical job in challenging conditions, Dell has the end-to-end solution for you.

Dell rugged laptops provide both high-performance computing and enough durability to operate in the harshest environments and withstand the most extreme treatment.

  • Independently tested to MIL-STD-810G standards
  • Certified to IEC ingress protection ratings
  • Protected from drops, vibration and extreme temperatures
  • Sunlight-readable displays with optional resistive touch
  • Always connected with wireless and mobile broadband options
  • Available in-vehicle docking solutions
  • Provides a Latitude level of manageability and security
  • Image stability and lifecycle management
Latitude-E6430-ATG Latitude E6420 XFR
New! Latitude E6430 ATG
Productivity in the field
Work virtually anywhere with the semi-rugged Latitude E6430 ATG. With an outdoor-viewable display and a docking option, the Latitude E6430 ATG offers leading-edge performance and durability in the field and adapts easily to your office.
Latitude E6420 XFR
Rugged for the real world

When you need the ultimate in rugged laptops for your extreme work environment, the fully rugged Latitude E6420 XFR offers strong performance and reliable data protection in a design that's built to withstand the most challenging conditions.
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