See how savings with Dell Tech Concierge compares to these single-incident services offered by Dell: 
  Dell Tech ConciergeSingle incident
File transfer or data backup service:Checkmark$59
Internet and email setup:Checkmark$59
Software installation:Checkmark$59
Computer accessories setup:Checkmark$59
Windows operating system installation:Checkmark$89
Virus and spyware removal:Checkmark$129
Antivirus installation: Checkmark$59
Internet parental control:Checkmark$59
Computer errors and problem troubleshooting:Checkmark$89
New wireless network setup:Checkmark$129
Connect a device to an existing wireless network:Checkmark$89
Network errors and problem troubleshooting:Checkmark$89
Tech training, hints and tips:CheckmarkALERT_ERROR_DellDarkRed_16
System monitoring:CheckmarkALERT_ERROR_DellDarkRed_16
Preventative maintenance:CheckmarkALERT_ERROR_DellDarkRed_16
Internet and device connectivity:CheckmarkALERT_ERROR_DellDarkRed_16
Total cost:Annual price of $239.00*$968.00
You save:$729*