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Dell Tech Concierge provides care like you've never experienced before for any Windows PC and connected devices. You get 24/7 access to PC and electronics experts via phone or live chat who can help you set up, protect and keep your technology running at peak performance. Any Windows PC, any question, anytime. Anything but ordinary.
How it works
See how savings with Dell Tech Concierge compares to these single-incident services offered by Dell: 
   Dell Tech Concierge Single incident
File transfer or data backup service: Checkmark $59
Internet and email setup: Checkmark $59
Software installation: Checkmark $59
Computer accessories setup: Checkmark $59
Windows operating system installation: Checkmark $89
Virus and spyware removal: Checkmark $129
Antivirus installation:  Checkmark $59
Internet parental control: Checkmark $59
Computer errors and problem troubleshooting: Checkmark $89
New wireless network setup: Checkmark $129
Connect a device to an existing wireless network: Checkmark $89
Network errors and problem troubleshooting: Checkmark $89
Tech training, hints and tips: Checkmark ALERT_ERROR_DellDarkRed_16
System monitoring: Checkmark ALERT_ERROR_DellDarkRed_16
Preventative maintenance: Checkmark ALERT_ERROR_DellDarkRed_16
Internet and device connectivity: Checkmark ALERT_ERROR_DellDarkRed_16
Total cost: Annual price of $239.00* $968.00
You save: $729*
Dell Tech Concierge customers say:
Dell tech concierge customers sayDell tech concierge customers sayDell tech concierge customers say
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