Dell Printer Hub

Dell Printer Hub

Dell Printer Hub*: Efficiency and simplicity

De-clutter your computer desktop with one intuitive interface for all your printing and imaging needs. This one-stop, complete solution simplifies printer maintenance, document management and connection of your printer to the cloud.
  • 1-click update of your printer firmware and software
  • 1-click activation of your personalized scan shortcuts
  • 1-click access to the Dell Document Hub cloud access solution
  • Scan documents to email or webmail for convenient file sharing

Dell Printer Hub brings simplicity, speed and convenience to printing and imaging, so you and your team can work smarter.

Simplify printer management

Keep your printers up and running smoothly.  
  Dell Document Hub
  • Automated alerts notify you when toner cartridges are low or when new software and firmware updates are available.
  • Update your printer software and firmware in just 1-click. It's as simple as updating your smartphone.
  • Order supplies effortlessly on Dell.com using Dell Printer Hub's intuitive interface.
  • Backup and restore your printer settings so the same settings can be conveniently ported to other identical Dell printers. 
  • Access and reference useful information such as user manuals directly from the control screen.

Streamline scanning processes

Advanced scanning features allow faster and easier document digitization. 

  • Custom profiles: Create multiple scan profiles to reduce repeated tasks into a simple job flow. You can preset color settings, resolution, document size, brightness, contrast, business card scanning and ‘save to’ locations (including cloud destinations) – ready to be activated with just 1-click on the pre-saved scan favorite profile.
  • Scan to email: Scan documents and attach them to your email client account, such as Microsoft™ Outlook®, for convenient file sharing. Simply type in the recipient's email and subject header and your scan is ready to be sent - it's that easy!
  • Scan to webmail: You can also send your scan content to your personal webmail for easy retrieval.
  • Hassle-free business card scanning: Scan business cards into a vCard format for quick sharing and storing.
  • Easy editing: Crop, enhance, resize or rotate scanned documents easily and without the hassle of using third-party image editing applications. You can also save edited documents directly to the cloud without launching additional programs or applications.


Dell Document Hub
Dell Document Hub 

Connect and share in the cloud

From the Dell Printer Hub interface, you can easily sign in to the award-winning* Dell Document Hub to connect to several popular cloud-storage services to share, search and print documents.
  • Single sign-on access: Sign in once to Dell Document Hub for access to multiple cloud storage services including Box®, Dropbox®, Evernote®, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive® Microsoft SharePoint® Online and Salesforce.
  • Create editable content: Scan hard copies and convert them to editable, searchable files using the free cloud based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature*.
  • Aggregate search: Save time and effort by searching for files across multiple cloud services simultaneously.
  • Extensive format support: Print files from cloud services in various formats, including Microsoft® Office, Google Docs, PDFs, text files, images and more.

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