PocketCloud: Your very own personal cloud.

Remote desktop access.

Use PocketCloud Remote Desktop to access and navigate your home computer
from your phone or tablet as if you were sitting in front of it. Run your
applications, show off photos, print your latest project, and access games and
media no matter where you are.

Easy sharing.

Use PocketCloud Explore and PocketCloud Web to search, view and organize
files between computers and devices. You can also share files directly from
any PC or your cloud storage through email and social media sites.

Free cloud storage.

PocketCloud Explore and PocketCloud Web users get 2GB of free personal
storage. Upload files to your personal cloud — anything from your vacation
photos to spreadsheets, documents and more — and easily access them 
anywhere through your mobile device or any web browser.

Safe and secure.

Built from the ground up with leading-edge security standards, so you know
your data is always safe with Pocketcloud. And because your content stays
stored on your home PC, you've got an extra layer of built-in-security.

Get started.

Download the PocketCloud Companion app on your computer from
www.pocketcloud.com, install and login. Then install the PocketCloud Remote
Desktop and PocketCloud Explore mobile apps on your mobile device from
your favorite app store and log in.

PCs that are turned on and logged into PocketCloud Companion will appear in
your mobile apps. Use your PocketCloud mobile app to control the remote
computer and search, view, organize and share your files on your PC.

PocketCloud comes pre-installed on all Dell XPS and Inspiron PCs.