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    VENUE 7
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This lightweight Android tablet features a dual-core Intel® Atom™
processor so you can enjoy your favorite apps, lightning fast web
browsing, and amazing entertainment. With Intel Inside®, enjoy great
battery life that lets you listen, watch, play, and be productive
wherever you go.
High-def details: Enjoy every detail of your favorite apps, like
Netflix5, on a stunning HD screen.
Thin and light: At less than 9.5mm thin, you can lay this lightweight
tablet on your lap, or pop it in your bag and get going.
Picture perfect: Snap amazing photos and video with a rear facing
3MP camera or video chat like a pro with the front facing VGA camera.




This lightweight Android tablet features a dual-core Intel® Atom™
processor, for lightning fast performance and brilliant visuals, and
a beautiful 8" HD touch screen. Unleash your creativity with two
cameras and storage to spare.
High-def details: Enjoy every detail of your favorite apps, like
Netflix5, on a stunning HD screen. 
Thin and light: At less than 9.5mm thin, you can lay this lightweight
tablet on your lap, or pop it in your bag and get going.
Power up: Spend more time away from the outlet with up 7.9 hours
of power and battery support.

   VENUE 8

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     VENUE 8 PRO

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Take the full power of Windows 8.1 and Office Home & Student 2013
wherever you go with an 8" HD screen, a quad-core Intel® Atom™
processor and dual cameras.
With Intel level performance you get a seamless experience that
delivers the full productivity of Windows 8 with compatibility for
your programs. With Intel Inside®, you have the power and battery
life to work and play wherever you go.
Crystal-clear touch screen: Witness impeccable detail on the 8" HD
800p display and navigate with a tap, slide, swipe or pinch on the multi-
touch screen. 
Front and rear cameras: Take great photos and shoot video with the
1.2 MP front-facing lens or video chat with the 5 MP rear-facing camera.
All-day battery life: Watch back-to-back movies or spend your day at
the office without a cord with up to 9.9 hours of battery life.




The new 10.8" Dell Venue 11 Pro combines the portabilityof a tablet, the
power of an Ultrabook™ and the experience of a desktop.
With an optional Intel Core processor, get lightning fast performance,
vibrant visuals, and extraordinary battery life that give you the power
to play, create, entertain, and inspire. Discover what’s possible with
an Intel Core processor that can handle serious work and powerful
play whenever and wherever you please.
Portability and power: Switch easily between desktop, laptop and
tablet modes for a more flexible and versatile tablet experience. 
Engineered to impress: The high-resolution 10.8" Full HD (1080p)
display and wide viewing angles put you in the front row of your favorite
HD movies. 
Leave your charger at home: Power through a full workday
(8-10 hours) with the Dell Venue 11 Pro.


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Should I buy a tablet or a 2-in-1?

Is a tablet or 2-in-1 right for you? This page should provide you some basic information
on tablets and 2-in-1s, as well as the features and benefits of each. No matter which
you choose, Dell has both tablet and 2-in-1 offerings to fit your needs.

A tablet is a computer contained within a single flat panel display. A 2-in-1 is a computer
that can function as a flat tablet, or as a standard clamshell-type laptop with an attached
keyboard. 2-in-1s have a mechanism that allows the screen to flip or fold down into
tablet form.

XPS 12
Ultrabook™ 2-in-1
The Dell XPS 12 2-in-1
Touch Screen Ultrabook™.
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Several features differentiate tablets and 2-in-1s, including:


Tablets are contained in one flat panel and function primarily through a touch screen. 
2-in-1s have both a touch screen and a standard keyboard. The touch screen can be
used when the computer is in tablet mode and when it is in standard laptop mode.
The keyboard is used in standard laptop mode just like you would with a regular laptop


Tablets are generally thin devices that can fit in the palm of your hand. 2-in-1s are
somewhat thicker than tablets, given the added keyboard functionality. Depending on
which configuration you are in, 2-in-1s can either fit in your hand like a tablet, or
sit on a surface like a standard laptop. Screen size can be similar between both tablets
and 2-in-1s. Smaller screens are easier to transport and carry, but larger screens
provide a bigger image.

   Battery Life

Battery Life
Both tablets and 2-in-1s have great battery life. Tablets are built around a compara-
tively lower-powered processor, which typically gives tablets better battery life versus
a 2-in-1.

Battery Life

Tablets are great for day-to-day activities like email, web, watching movies, listening to
music and preparing photos. 2-in-1s are built with higher-performing processors,
allowing you to do everyday tasks as well as more intensive tasks like photo and video
editing, higher-end gaming and toggling back and forth between your favorite apps.
Depending on how you plan to use the device, you may or may not need the added
performance of a 2-in-1


In summary, tablets get great battery life and are easy to stow in a bag, and 2-in-1s give you the added flexibility and power to tackle
tasks and programs too taxing for a tablet. Having a built-in keyboard on a 2-in-1 makes typing much easier. No matter which device
you choose, Dell has a wide selection built to provide you the power to do more.


Concerned with protecting your system from viruses and theft? Purchase a new Dell tablet or 2-in-1 and choose McAfee LiveSafe to
help protect your new and existing devices – with unlimited licenses for PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Offering comprehensive protection:
Antivirus, anti-malware,safe browsing, locate, lock, wipe, and more

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the U.S. and/or other countries.


Why should I buy an Ultrabook™?

Ultrabooks™ are different from standard notebook computers. This page will outline some
features and benefits so you can decide if an Ultrabook™ is right for you. Dell has a wide
selection of these impressive computers available to meet your needs.

Ultrabooks™ are designed to be thinner, lighter, faster, and better connected than standard
notebooks – all without sacrificing performance.

 XPS 12
Ultrabook™ convertible
The Dell XPS 12 Convertible
Touch Screen Ultrabook™.
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Inspiron 15z
The Dell Inspiron 15z Touch
Screen Ultrabook™.
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   Ultra sleekUltra responsiveBetter Concerned

Ultra Sleek
Ultrabooks™ are sleek and stylish. The lower-
power internal components allow for thinner
profiles and a lighter weight. Being lighter and
thinner makes it easier for you to take your
notebook with you and carry it in a bag.

Ultrabooks™ come in two forms:
Standard clamshell - Opens like a typical
Convertibles - opens like a typical note-
   book and transforms into a tablet through
   a screen manipulation.

Ultra Responsive
The sleek and stylish Ultrabook™ design never
sacrifices speed and performance. Ultrabooks™
feature solid-state drives or chips that, when
paired with Intel® Rapid Start Technology, allow
them to wake in less than seven second
s from
standby and one second from sleep.

You’ll get tablet like responsiveness in a notebook.
Solid state drives have no moving parts, so
loading applications and saving files is faster than
a standard hard drive.

Ultrabooks™ are powered by the latest
processor technology from Intel®, so you’ll
spend less time waiting around for your
computer and more time doing what you love.

Better Connected
Ultrabooks™ keep you connected better than a
standard notebook. With Intel® Smart Connect
Technology*, your PC updates your social media,
email, messenger, and other communication
applications even while in sleep mode. Your
Ultrabook is working, even when you’re not.


If your current computer is bulky and slow, an Ultrabook™ may be right for you. Check out Dell’s line of Ultrabooks™ today.  


Concerned with protecting your Ultrabook™ from viruses and theft? Purchase a new Dell tablet or convertible and choose McAfee LiveSafe to help
protect your new and existing devices – with unlimited licenses for PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Offering comprehensive protection: Antivirus,
anti-malware, safe browsing, locate, lock, wipe, and more.

*Intel Smart Connect Technology: Requires an SSD or mSATA drive only and a recognized Internet connection. System must be on or in sleep mode with application running to update

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and/or other countries.


There are many factors that contribute to the performance of a PC or device. Hardware and software are two elements that can affect performance. The information below will give you a brief overview of the important hardware choices that are usually available when you purchase a PC or device. This will help you when picking the device that’s right for you and your needs. The hardware components we will cover are processor, graphics, hard drive, and memory. All of these components work together and affect the experience you have with your PC.



The overall speed of the computer and how fast it is capable of processing data is managed by the computer processor (CPU). The more data that the can be processed in a given amount of time, that faster the computer will get things done. There are several things to look for in a processor that affect processing data. Frequency (clock speed), number of cores (like more lanes of traffic to process data), cache size, and any other special technologies that may be built into the processor affect overall performance. Dell uses Intel® processors in most of their PCs. Intel offers a wide variety of processors for various types of computers and devices. Laptops, desktop, tablets, 2-in-1s, servers, etc can all feature a different processor. Some names you may have heard are Intel® Core™, Pentium™, and Atom™. Typically Intel® Core™ processors are the highest performing out of those three. Pentium processors are generally found in mid to lower priced PCs and Atom processors are found in PCs and tablets that requireMakes good performance with low power consumption giving you longer battery life in a smaller size. Each of these processors has different specifications for frequency, number of cores, cache size, and special features. The higher frequency, more cores (dual or quad), larger cache size (built in memory) and special features like Intel Turbo Boost (extra boost of performance when you need it) and hyper-threading can improve the speed of your PC or device.



The memory (called RAM - random access memory) in a computer stores information that you use on a regular basis so it can be accessed more quickly than pulling it from the hard drive. RAM is located closer to the processor and also has no moving parts allowing for faster speed and performance. The information stored in memory is constantly changing based on the way you use your PC and what you regularly do with your PC. A computer with more memory will be capable of storing more data that you need to access quickly. Overall speed will generally be improved with more memory. Typical sizes of memory are 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB. Be sure to identify how much memory comes with the PC you are selecting

Hard Drive Hard Drive 

There are two primary types of hard drives available on most PCs for storing information. There are traditional hard drives with internal moving parts and SSDs or solid state drives which have no moving parts. Tablets typically only feature flash memory and do not offer hard drive options. The speed at which your PC can read or write information to your hard drive, influences the performance.

  • An SSD has no moving part which makes it faster, more power efficient, and more durable than a standard hard drive.
  • Opening programs and files, powering up, and moving data can all be improved significantly with an SSD.
  • SSDs typically have smaller storage space than standard hard drives, but having better performance and lower power consumption may be the better tradeoff. With that benefit, SSDs can be more expensive than standard hard drives as well.

 When selecting your PC, be sure to understand what hard drive options may be available.

    Superior Gaming with Alienware
    Immerse yourself in the game with higher performance:
   Playing video games is all about stepping into a different world. In order to be fully immersed in another dimension the player needs images as realistic as possible with crisp details and smooth transitions.
However, to achieve such high degrees of realism your system requires high-performance components to produce desirable frame rates, higher resolution picture. Alienware are equipped with the some of the most powerful CPUs and GPUs available in the market.
    Alienware Area-51
    Alienware Area-51
    Area 51 pushes the limits of performance with the latest Intel Extreme Edition Haswell-E that supports 6 and 8 core options. This insane power will increase your frame rate and give you an unprecedented advantage over console gaming.

The Area-51 also includes the onboard Creative Technology Sound Core3D (A multi-core advanced audio DSP processor), which besides providing more flexibility with gaming audio by off-loading workload from the CPU, will provide drastically superior audio and voice quality.

    Alienware 13 with Graphics Amplifier
   Alienware 13 with Graphics Amplifier

Alienware 13 along with its sidekick, the new Alienware Graphics Amplifier, have conquered the everlasting tradeoff for gamers between power and mobility. Don’t sacrifice anymore: you can now choose to game on-the-go with the thinnest and lightest Alienware notebook or more than double your power by connecting your notebook with a desktop graphics card and experience up to 4K resolution, higher FPS and much crispier details.

The new Alienware 13 is outfitted with up to an Intel® Core™ i5 U processor for full-throttle action on its own, and is equipped for the most advanced situations and a seamless gaming experience. Creative Gaming Audio Technology gives Gamers the ultimate gaming experience by providing a new level of audio immersion & realistic surround sound when connected to any audio device during game play.

    Alienware Alpha
    Alienware Alpha


The Alienware Alpha comes with an exclusive Alienware-developed user interface, which allows you to navigate all of Alpha’s core functions without ever needing a keyboard and mouse. With the power of Steam Big Picture, up to Intel® Quad-Core™ i7 processor muscle, the global online community for downloading and playing games, you can have quick and easy access to all of the PC games, plus other entertainment, all on your big screen TV. Welcome to a new era of fun.

Because of the open nature of Alpha’s PC gaming pedigree and its backward compatibility, combined with the access to all Steam games, Alpha offers the possibility to play over 3,200 games.