Shipping & Delivery

 This shipping chart is designed to help you determine, based on product availability, credit approval and other factors, when you can expect the scheduled delivery of your order(s). Refer to the chart to help you determine which shipping method you should choose. All orders must be placed and approved by 3:00pm EST on the dates indicated. Expedited shipping is not available on all products.*​

 TVs 46” or smaller
Ordered by 11:59AM CST 
      3-5 Day Shipping

      2nd Business Day Shipping*       Next Business Day Shipping*  
 *Additional charges apply *Additional charges apply 
     1/20/2017 27-Jan    24-Jan  23-Jan      
 1/21/2017   27-Jan   25-Jan   24-Jan  
 1/22/2017   27-Jan   25-Jan   24-Jan  
 1/23/2017   30-Jan   25-Jan   24-Jan  
 1/24/2017   31-Jan   26-Jan   25-Jan  
 1/25/2017   1-Feb   27-Jan   26-Jan  
 1/26/2017   2-Feb   30-Jan   27-Jan  
 1/27/2017   3-Feb   31-Jan   30-Jan  
 1/28/2017   Will not arrive by 2/3   31-Jan   31-Jan  
 1/29/2017   Will not arrive by 2/3   31-Jan   31-Jan  
 1/30/2017   Will not arrive by 2/3   1-Feb   31-Jan  
 1/31/2017   Will not arrive by 2/3   2-Feb   1-Feb  
 TVs larger than 46”
Ordered by 11:59AM CST 
  5-7 Day Shipping   2nd Business Day Shipping   Next Business Day Shipping  
 1/25/2017   3-Feb  Not Available   Not Available  

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Delivery Details

For your convenience, the carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. Delivery includes having your TV delivered to a single room on the first floor. If you have additional Delivery requirements please be sure to inform the carrier when they call you to set up your delivery appointment.

Delivery does not include installation, and the carrier will not leave the package at your door. For quicker service, use your tracking number to schedule your delivery appointment on the carrier’s site.

Your invoice will be available online within 48 hours after your order has shipped. Tracking # may not be immediately available. Please allow up to 24 hours for the carrier to update its website. You can see estimated arrival dates on each product page and in your Cart.

Estimated Delivery Date -

Typical Order Stages

The following diagram represents the typical stages that impact the delivery date of your order. Delays in your delivery date maybe experienced due to delays with selected options or by the shipping method chosen during checkout.

Estimated Delivery Date

The diagram below represents the typical shipping delivery time based on the selected shipping method.

Shipping Dilivery

If the estimated delivery date is later than desired, select the "Adjust item" link in the cart page to see if alternate selections might enable an earlier date.