Wyse ThinOS thin clients

Wyse ThinOS thin clients
Keep your virtual desktop infrastructure safe with one of the most secure operating systems in the world. ThinOS, made just for virtual desktops, is certified to work with Citrix®, Microsoft®, VMware® and Dell vWorkspace — so no matter which virtualization platform you prefer, ThinOS can give you:
  • Maximum security: Be virus and malware immune with an unpublished API and zero attack surface. ThinOS also supports a robust 802.1x wired and wireless authentication spectrum of security protocols.
  • Speed: Boot in under 10 seconds.
  • Hands-off management: Eliminate the need for your IT staff to touch the physical devices.
  • Flexibility: Scale to over 100,000 managed devices with Wyse WDM software.
Wyse 5000 series Wyse 5000 series all-in-one ThinOS thin client
A stylish integrated thin client and 21.5”display that delivers an excellent virtual desktop experience, with extreme ease of use & management. The extremely secure all-in-one that combines the security and easy management of traditional thin clients with the power and performance to deliver high-end graphics and HD multimedia

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Wyse 5000 series with PColp Wyse 5000 series all-in-one ThinOS thin client with PCoIP
The Dell Wyse 5000 series all-in-one with PCoIP is a stylish integrated thin client and 21.5” display for multiple concurrent desktop virtualization environments. It is the extremely secure all-in-one on the planet and delivers an excellent virtual desktop experience, especially in VMware View environments over WAN or LAN.

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Wyse 3000 series ThinOS thin clients Wyse 3000 series ThinOS thin clients
Enable multimedia acceleration, integrated graphics processing and WMV and H264 video decoding capabilities on affordable, energy-efficient, easy-to-manage thin clients that support dual, rotatable monitors.

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Wyse 5000 series ThinOS thin clients Wyse 5000 series ThinOS thin clients
Perform high quality video and audio editing, unified communications, CAD/CAM, 3D simulation and modeling, HD Flash and more with these highly powerful, efficient, versatile and compact thin clients.

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