For the adventurous photographers and gadget hounds, there’s always some hot new invention to help improve your shot and protect your gear.

Tripods/Camera Mounts
Shaky pictures never look good. There are different types of camera mounts available. There are tripods, monopods (a one-legged support), and even ultra-portable, flexible tripods that you can use to wrap around a fixed object like a tree for an elevated shot. Whichever you choose, just be mindful of how often you want to tote it with you. Technically, the heavier the mount, the better the stability is, but you may want to consider going a bit lighter if you plan to carry it with you.

Digital Image Storage
Basically a small hard drive, digital image storage devices are a great way to back up your photos and avoid using multiple memory cards. Consider the device’s power source, its size and if it has an LCD display.

Portable Camera Printers
Use a portable photo printer to make simple edits (such as cropping or removing red-eye) and get instant prints.

Digital Picture Frames
The ultimate way to show off your pictures, digital frames can import pictures from your memory card or directly from your camera to show them in a slideshow format. Pay attention to resolution, power source, viewing modes and if the frame includes a built-in MP3 player for background music!