Are you considering purchasing a new desktop or notebook computer? Do you have a computer at home, but you aren’t sure if it can handle your digital photography needs? The following list highlights some of the recommended specifications for various system components that we consider key for optimal digital photography use.

Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate* (Vista Home Premium / Ultimate both feature Windows Photo Gallery, an easy and intuitive way to import, organize, edit and manage your photos and home movies). (*Windows Vista has not been tested on all user configurations, and drivers may not be available for some hardware devices and software applications. Check for latest driver availability. Some OS features - like the Aero interface - are only available in premium editions of Windows Vista and may require advanced hardware. Check for details.)

Minimum 2GB. (Significant system memory may be used to support graphics, depending on system memory size and other factors.)

Hard Drive
Desktop – minimum 250GB*,
Notebook – minimum 120GB*.

Minimum 19” monitor. Wide versions are helpful and dual display can be powerful for advanced photo editing.